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Best Electric Cargo Bikes For Deliveries

September 11, 2022

Making deliveries on electric cargo bikes can be cost-effective and environmentally friendly. E-bikes cost less to purchase and maintain than automotives and have lower emissions than any gas-powered vehicles. Most electric cargo bikes can cover ranges up to 60 miles in pedal-assist mode or 40 miles in full-electric mode. Find out everything you need to know to select the best model of electric cargo bike for deliveries.

What Is An Electric Cargo Bike?

An electric cargo bike has a battery-powered electric motor and is designed to carry cargo. E-bike throttles give riders a choice of pedal assist mode or full-electric power. Pedal assist allows for the fastest speeds and longest ranges, while the full-electric setting reduces strain on delivery riders.

The ability to rely on any level of battery power can help delivery riders handle the challenges of covering long distances or riding up steep hills with heavy cargo. E-bike pricing ranges based on bike design, battery options and cargo carrying configurations. Electric cargo bikes start around $2,000 and range up to over $5,000, based on the brand and build.

Benefits Of Electric Cargo Bikes

The comparatively fast speed of e-bikes is one of the main benefits of making deliveries. The average speed of a pedal-powered road bike is around 15 miles per hour, but a cargo e-bike such as the Sixthreezero EVRYjourney 250W Tricycle can reach top speeds of 28 mph in pedal-assist mode. Although the top full electric speed is 15 mph, this setting does not require any pedal power.

Bike delivery riders also appreciate the pedal-assist modes on electric cargo bikes. E-bikes reach the fastest speeds and longest ranges in this setting, which can also help to counteract the challenges of transporting heavy loads on a bicycle. Cargo bikes are also designed to enable riders to balance the weight of deliveries through cargo solutions such as front and rear baskets, racks, packs or trailers.

What To Look For In An Electric Cargo Bike

The frame design of a cargo bike determines the comfort of the rider, the location of the motor and batteries and where cargo can be loaded. Riders should look for a bike frame that is suitable for their height and weight as well as the transportation requirements and average additional weight of deliveries.

Several other considerations that are particularly important for cargo bikes include the type of motor and watt hours of compatible batteries. These components determine the power, range and top speed of e-bikes. Taken together, the frame, motor and batteries also determine the pricing of bikes. Here are a few electric cargo bikes that are good choices for making deliveries.

EVRYjourney 250W Tricycle

The EVRYjourney 250W Tricycle by Sixthreezero has a comfortable, durable and stylish design. A 17-inch aluminum alloy step-through frame with a seven-speed Shimano Index Revo Shifter features a 250-watt electric motor. This electric cargo bike can reach top speeds of 28 mph in pedal-assist mode and 15 mph in full-electric mode and has a range of up to 60 miles with pedal assistance or 40 miles on full electric power.

In addition to the ease of mounting and dismounting, this electric tricycle for adults is one of the most stable designs for carrying cargo. Load deliveries in a centered rear basket that measures 59 centimeters by 48.5 cm. The ergonomic frame of this cruiser-inspired tricycle relieves joint tension and prevents strain by keeping riders in an upright position.

Xtracycle RFA Utility

The Xtracycle Ready For Anything Utility e-bike is a compact design that can carry more cargo than standard bike models. This model features a DynamicDrops adjustable wheelbase and Shimano STEPS EP8 Drive Unit with a 630 watt hour battery. The top pedal assist speed for this model is 20 mph and the RFA Utility has a 30 to 60 mile range on a fully charged battery.

The Xtracycle RFA is compatible with cargo-carrying solutions such as the frame-mounted PorterRack front rack and compatible PorterPack bag, Everyday BikePack, SlingSet and CargoBay. Xtracycle offers cargo-carrying solutions for making any type of delivery.

Surly Big Easy

The Big Easy by Surly is a longtail electric cargo bike. This expandable cargo and hauling bike rides like a normal length bike, but has a wide range of cargo carrying options. The Big Easy features a Bosch Performance CX drive unit and can run on a single PowerPack 500 battery or dual batteries for an extended range.

The Big Easy has a top speed of 20 mph and has a range of about 30 to 35 miles when carrying heavy cargo. Extend your range with the included mounting hardware and wiring for a dual battery setup. The Big Easy is rated for up to 400 pounds of passengers and cargo and is also compatible with the Surly Bill and Ted trailers for larger deliveries.

Blix Packa Genie

The Packa Genie by Blix is designed for carrying cargo. This model features a Shimano 7 speed Revoshift shifter and a 750W rear hub motor. Single or dual battery options with 614 Wh batteries allow for a base range of 40 miles and a maximum range of 80 miles. The motor is rated for 1,340W of peak output, which is helpful when carrying heavy cargo or climbing steep inclines.

There are several cargo-carrying areas on the Packa Genie, including a front rack that mounts to the head tube and a large basket that mounts on the front or rear rack. Riders can also mount two large baskets side-by-side on the rear rack, making this model even more practical for deliveries. An optional platform and options for a running board or a rear rack board can provide additional support for cargo.

Services that already rely on bike delivery can speed up delivery times and support riders by upgrading to electric cargo bikes. Making the switch to e-bikes from delivery methods with higher emissions can shrink the carbon footprint of making deliveries. Look for cargo e-bikes that have carrying capacities and ranges suitable for any service area.


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