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Best Electric Bikes To Ride on Gravel

Updated On: June 15, 2023

Riding a traditional bike on gravel can be tricky. It can be difficult to get traction on a loose surface. Gravel can shift beneath your wheels and cause you to fall. This becomes more likely if you ride too fast and try to stop too quickly.

Because electric bikes allow you to reach speeds that you might not be able to achieve on a traditional bike, you might wonder if they are safe to ride on gravel. Generally speaking, the answer is yes, but some e-bikes may perform better on gravel than others.

Why Are E-Bikes Good To Ride On Gravel?

A gravel bike is designed to travel equally effectively on different types of terrain, both paved and unpaved. In other words, it is versatile enough to ride around town and then go explore the backroads.

A gravel e-bike adds the advantages of an electric bicycle to the versatility of a gravel bike. Because the motor helps you pedal, you don't tire as quickly and you can ride much farther than you would be able to otherwise. This can turn what might just be routine exercise into an adventure.

What To Look for in an Electric Gravel Bike?

Whenever you buy a bike, electric or otherwise, you should make sure that it is the correct height. When shopping for a gravel bike, it is particularly important that it not be too tall. If you fall on gravel, you may experience moderate to severe abrasions, more commonly known as "road rash." The ability to place your feet flat on the ground when you stop helps you to maintain your balance.

Electric bike motors come in different sizes: 250 Watts, 500 Watts, 750 Watts, and 1,000 Watts. Because of the ease at which you could get going too fast and lose control, you may want to choose a bike with a motor on the smaller size of the spectrum, such as a 500W.

Features Built for Gravel Trails

Constant wear from motor vehicles combined with erosion from rain can make gravel roads uneven. A stretch of gravel road typically has some ledges and bumps that could cause you to lose your balance if you hit them while riding your bike. It is harder to avoid these obstacles when you are riding a heavy bike, so gravel bikes typically have lighter frames. They also have wider tires for greater stability. To prevent skidding when you come to a stop, gravel bikes have hydraulic disk brakes.

The motor of an electric bike is mounted on either one of the wheels (known as a hub drive) or over the middle (known as a mid-drive). Most gravel bikes have mid-drive motors, but that doesn't necessarily make them better. It is the quality of the motor that matters, not where it is mounted.

With the right bicycle, you can ride on just about any terrain. Learn more about the different types of bikes available from SixThreeZero.


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