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Best Electric Bikes For Your 13-Year-Old

Updated On: March 11, 2022

What's the best cure for jaded, bored teenagers? Get them out of the house and onto bikes! Biking is a healthy, enjoyable activity for all ages. Whether your teens would like to try mountain biking or bike for a school commute, there is a bicycle appropriate for them.

Your teens may like riding an electric bike. E-Bikes offer assistance with pedaling when the rider chooses. When that commute gets long or the hills become too steep, the pedal-assist can kick in to make the ride easier. This allows young riders to grow in strength and endurance as they begin their biking journey.

EVRY journey Internal Battery 250W

For teenagers who like the ultimate in comfortable design, this is the bike. The ergonomic frame allows them to sit upright as they ride, reducing strain on their knees, shoulders, back, and hips. In addition, this bike offers the following:

  • 26-inch wheels with 2-inch tires for stability
  • 250 Watt motor
  • Internally-mounted battery 
  • Top speed of 20mph in pedal-assist mode

A/O Amelia 500W

Another uber-comfy bike that is a great choice for the urban or suburban school commute is the Amelia. This bike features close-grip handlebars and a low-sit frame that encourages better biking posture. The 500 Watt motor travels at slower, gentler speeds. It's the perfect choice for a less-experienced cyclist who doesn't want to ride the hills.

Reach your Destination 500W

There are those teens with a need for speed. Of course, there are E-Bikes for them, too. These bikes have the power to get them to their destination more quickly or give an extra boost up tough hills. They are a great choice for city commutes or longer weekend rides on bike paths.

Take a look at the Reach your Destination 500W. The 500 Watt rear-hub motor keeps things moving along briskly. The features of this bike include:

  • Rack-mounted 48v/10.4Ah lithium-ion battery
  • Hybrid tires
  • Low top bar easy-mount frame
  • Seven-speed gears
  • Light-weight aluminum frame

Thanks to the click-on attachment points, they can customize this ride with an assortment of accessories. Bags, baskets, panniers, bells, lights, cell phone holders, and water bottle cages are all possibilities.

Around the Block 500W

This is another powerful E-Bike built to go fast. This electric cruiser bike has a classic design that is just retro enough to be cool. Teens can use the 500 Watt motor as a pedal-assist to make the journey easier or they can ride in full-electric mode and not break a sweat. For those times they would like more of a challenge, they can turn the motor off and ride under their power alone. 

With Around the Block, teens will also enjoy the following:

  • Top speed of 28mph with pedal assist
  • 2.125-inch tires on 26-inch wheels for a comfortable ride
  • Integrated motor and battery
  • Upright riding position
  • Front and rear disc hand breaks

Safe Biking

As always, whenever youth are concerned, safety is paramount. Before sending a 13-year old out on a bike, review safety requirements. Have them research online the bicycling rules for your community. Are there bike lanes on the roads? Are they allowed to ride on sidewalks? Where are they permitted to chain and lock their bikes?

In addition, equip your teens with the proper gear. Helmets are a must, even if not required by your municipality. If your youth will be riding in low light or at night, lights and reflective devices are recommended. 

Last, but by no means least, purchase a high-quality lock. E-Bikes are an investment. Buy a lock that will keep the bike secure and learn how to use it properly. 


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