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Best Electric Bikes for the Beach of 2023

If you’re already dreaming of biking to the beach this coming summer, you are probably wondering what bike is going to get you there and back again—in style, that is. While you have a lot of options, it’s important to pick the one that not only fits you best in terms of ergonomics and quality, naturally. But it also has to look amazing and help you look fabulous while you’re riding it. No sweaty faces or hunched-over-the-handlebars looks in this list of the best electric bikes for your beach commute. In addition to electric bikes that you can let do the pedaling for you, there are also options for adding cargo space so you can bring all of your beach accouterments with you! 

Our Top Electric Cruiser Bike Picks for 2023

Let’s break down the details of each one individually so you can choose the electric bike that best fits your beach day:

What is a Good Electric Beach Cruiser Bike for Beginners? 

We recommend the EVRYjourney and Around the Block bikes for new bike riders or riders who haven’t gotten on a bike in a long time. Everything about these bikes is about simplicity, comfort and stability, so you can just quickly step up to the seat and be on your way. They’re both ultra cute for riding to and from the beach, or just around town. 

How to Choose an Electric Beach Cruiser Bike

Making sure you get the right fit is everything in getting the right beach cruiser bike for you. Not only should it be ridiculously comfortable to ride for as long as the trip lasts, it should help you look fabulous while doing it. In order to choose your best beach bike, click the “FIT” panel on the right of this page and enter your details. You should also specify how you plan to use the bike usually (heading to the beach, going to and from work, riding around the neighborhood, shopping, etc.) You’ll also want to consider carrying capacity (if you’ll often be grocery shopping or toting beach gear). 

You Can Trust Sixthreezero

At Sixthreezero, we build bikes for real people. We also absolutely love the beach and everything about it, so we’ve built easy ergonomics, environmental consciousness and cool beach style into every bike. Our beach cruiser bikes are designed to travel and look amazing while doing it. Send us any questions you might have to theteam@sixthreezero. 


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