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Best Electric Bikes for Teenagers

Teenagers savor their freedom, but it may be hard for them to afford one of the signposts of maturity: a car. In fact, many eco-conscious teenagers are rethinking the idea of cars altogether, but are still looking for a way to get to games, activities, friends’ houses, school, and around town without the parent-taxi thing cramping their style.

Electric bikes for teenagers can be an excellent solution to the problem, giving them the freedom they want with a much less expensive solution that is also safe and a whole lot of fun at the same time. The best electric bikes give teenagers the option of pedaling on their own or getting a little boost from the electric motor after a long day at school. These are some of the best electric bikes for teenagers: 

Our Favorite Electric Bikes for Teenagers

These are the details about each one of these bikes, so you can pick the one that fits your teenager's style the best: 

What is a Good Electric Cruiser Bike for a Teenager? 

All three of these bikes are a great choice for teenagers. The primary differences are that the EVRYjourney is built more for comfort, while the Pave n’ Trail is definitely a harder-riding bike. The Around the Block is an all-around winner. All three of them are built to handle a good daily ride with a busy teenage schedule.

How to Choose an Electric Bike for Your Teenager

Since teenagers are still growing, you want to be sure to get a bike that adjusts as they grow. You also want an e-bike that will be durable, and above all, safe. Your teen, of course, will care very much about how the bike looks... and how it makes them look. To make the right selection, sit down with your teenager and click on the “FIT” panel just to the right side of the page. Enter your teenager’s deets. Also, think about how they will be using the bike. Is this their daily to-and-from-school ride? Is it more for after-school adventuring and activities? How much cargo space will they need for their activities? We can help you choose the bike that will best suit their needs. 

Rely on Sixthreezero

Sixthreezero believes in building bikes for real life. Durability and safety are top of mind, but so too are ergonomics, the environment, and good style vibes. These electric bikes are great for the whole family. So if you have any questions, please reach out to us by sending an email to: theteam@sixthreezero. 


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