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Best Electric Bikes for Seniors under $2000

Seeing so many of these new electric bikes cruising around the campgrounds has me wondering. Should I add a new e-bike to our RV bicycle rack? It is time to find a new way to get around, and electric bikes have that va-va-voom that would be perfect for my senior years. 

Plus, let’s be honest. Pedaling a bicycle will only get you so far! The only concern I have is with the price, and I have a budget of $2,000. Will I be able to buy the best electric bike for seniors at this price point?

Most Ergonomic E-Bike: EVRYjourney 250W by sixthreezero

At my age, the easier it is to get on a bike, the better. This is the main feature I shop for in any style of bicycle, including an e-bike. The EVRYjourney hybrid electric bike for women offers a low bar to step across when getting on and off of this bicycle. 

This allows riders who have mobility concerns to feel comfortable when riding an electric bike. That’s always been a major issue for me–feeling like I would slip off of my bike saddle unexpectedly and get tripped up. 

But this issue is corrected by the ergonomic frame of the EVRYjourney by sixthreezero, a California-based company. Along with being super easy to get on and off, I am glad I ultimately chose this e-bike for my first electric bike. 

Ultimately, the price of less than $2,000–with a savings of 25 percent off–was the biggest reason I chose this model. The color I selected was Cream, and it is a wonderful yellow tone that is light and not too bright.

Coolest Cargo Carrying Electric Bike: XP Step-Thru 2.0 by Lectric Bikes

Getting onto the back of an electric bike and carrying a load of laundry to the nearest laundromat is my biggest requirement these days. Trying to find an e-bike that works for that purpose was my goal and I believe I came close–but no cigar. 

Here is the best option I found for the $2,000 budget–the XP Step-Thru 2.0 by Lectric Bikes. This is an electric bicycle that comes equipped with a bicycle rack on the back. However, to get a more comfortable “giant” seat and a rack and basket package requires you to pay more money. 

I prefer to have everything ready to roll at my age. Being a senior means I want to work with fewer tools and spend less time making adjustments, too. That being said, I do like the small and compact style of the XP-Step Thru 2.0. 

It also has a similar setup to the EVRYjourney by sixthreezero e-bikes. Yet, for my purpose, the rack was not the size I needed, and I prefer the handlebars and seat saddle that come with the EVRYjourney bike.

Perfect for Working Seniors: CTY e2.1 Electric Bike by Co-op Cycles 

For those active seniors 55 and over who are working somewhere outside of the home, there is the need to have an electric bike that is most dependable. That’s not me, perhaps, but I get it. My wife is all about the need for a commuting city bike. 

The CTY e2.1 Electric Bike by Co-op Cycle is the one she wants to get for herself. I might surprise her with it for the holiday season instead, as the electric bike is less than $2,000 and sold by REI. We have a membership, so I’ll be able to save a bit more when buying this one for her.

As for the reason, she says this is the best commuting ebike for the city, it has that urban look and style to it. Along with being Cobblestone Gray, this electric bike has an ABUS lock to protect the battery, which is from Shimano, from getting stolen. 

The bike also has a center kickstand that goes down on both sides instead of just one. This improves stability for use in a busy city, as well as for seniors who might have their arms full with cargo. Speaking of hauling abilities, this commuter e-bike holds up to 300 pounds securely.

Best Fat Tire E-Bike for Seniors: Motan M-60 by Addmotor

Talk about a funky fresh look for any bike–fat tires are in style for seniors! A fat tire electric bike by Addmotor called the Motan M-60 is a major hit around my neighborhood. This is one of the reasons I got interested in e-bikes, too. 

After seeing one of the neighbors, who happens to also be a senior, riding a bright yellow Motan M-60, I got that e-bike bug. It turns out this brand also has a cool seat with a tall backrest that folds up. Unfortunately, most of the bikes, including the trikes, are over $3,000. That is well above my budget and not possible for our household.

But I can see the appeal! The Addmotor Motan M-60 electric bike features a retro 1970’s build. If you are a senior who enjoyed–and remembered–that decade, then this is the perfect choice for you. Plus, the price of this model of e-bike is $1,600, keeping with the under $2,000 requirement. 

As for the real reason I think this bike is so cool–the fat tires–they are 4-inch-wide tires. The reason why fat tires work so well for senior riders is because these tires offer more stability. The four inches of rubber grip the ground more securely. When riding an electric bike with fat tires, there is less of a chance that the bike will topple over. Staying safe and upright is a top concern for e-bike riders of any age. 

Ideal for Long Distance Rides: GB2 Beach Cruiser by Green Bike USA

Want an electric bicycle that is simple to use and easy on the eyes? Check out the Green Bike USA GB2 Beach Cruiser. This is a long distance bike that focuses on a streamline style for aerodynamics. Choose from Black, Purple, Orange, or White for this senior-friendly electric bike. Expect to pay less than $1,450 for this e-bike new from the factory.

Go up to 60 miles on a single battery charge, and up to speeds of 20 miles per hour. This electric bicycle features a single cargo rack on the back for storing a small pack. An electric horn keeps your electric bike ride safe from danger. Those seniors who want a sturdy but lightweight electric bike will find what they are shopping for in the GB2 Beach Cruiser.


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