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Best Electric Bikes for Plus Size Riders of 2023

In 2023, people will look for less expensive ways to get around. For many, that will mean buying an electric bike. It is a practical option for everything from daily commutes to trips to the grocery store. 

Electric bikes are excellent ways to get out and enjoy some exercise, too. But, what e-bikes are suitable for the plus-size rider? 

Aventon 750W


  • Fat, all-terrain tires
  • Aluminum frame
  • Suspension system
  • 750 Watt motor
  • 48V lithium-ion removable battery
  • The maximum weight load of 400 lbs 


  • Fat tires can be challenging to maneuver with

Aventon Adventure is a fat tire e-bike with a step-thru frame and suspension fork. The large tires and suspension system not only make this electric bike a comfortable choice for plus-sized riders in 2023, but it can also handle some of the roughest terrains out there. 

It has a high-capacity battery that will take you from 19 miles to up to 53 on the lowest pedal-assist setting. The 750W motor also means you can ride a bit farther than you might on other e-bikes. Aventon boasts its Adventure model can go up to 28 MPH on full-throttle. It also offers five different levels for pedal assist. 

The maximum weight load for the Aventon Adventure is 400 lbs. 

City Electric Bike


  • Foldable handlebars and pedals for easy storage
  • Lightweight
  • Integrated lights
  • Puncture resistant tires
  • 250 Watt motor
  • 250 Watt-hour battery
  • The maximum weight load of 300 lbs


  • Will not do well out of the city

As the name suggests, the City e-bike by Charge is designed for city life, making it an optimal choice for the daily commuter. This classic bike style has handlebars flat across the top for comfortable riding and easy storage. 

However, this model e-bike has a smaller-sized motor than the other two on the list. It offers a 250W geared hub motor that will take you to 20 mph on full throttle. The 250 Watt Hour removable battery will go 50 miles on a single charge – the manufacturer claims that it is about three daily commutes before you need to plug it in to recharge. 

The City e-bike offers some interesting features that make it a practical option for the city rider, such as integrated lights and folding pedals. The handlebars also fold up so you can easily store the bike at work. It comes with puncture-resistant Goodyear tires and automatic tire pressure sensors to keep you on the road. 

The bike is lightweight at about 45 lbs, so you can take it upstairs if necessary. That doesn’t affect the maximum weight load, though. It can still handle up to 300 lbs. 

How Important is the Maximum Weight Load?

When electric bike manufacturers list a maximum weight load, they refer to the most weight the e-bike can handle safely. Exceeding it can have consequences such as damage to the frame and tires. 

Excess weight can damage the braking system as well. If you exceed the maximum weight limit, the electric bike may not stop as it should. Doing it consistently will likely damage the components of the brakes, shorting their lifespan, too. 

Exceeding the maximum weight can have an impact on performance, too. Extra weight strains the battery so that you may reduce its shelf-life. It will like need charging more often than expected. 

The considerable carry weight may also mean the e-bike doesn’t go as fast as expected. There may be an additional strain as you try to pedal uphill or on rough terrain. 

What Affects the Maximum Weight Load?

A maximum weight load is a net number, covering more than just body weight. For plus-sized riders, the problem is typically when you want to carry other things on the bike, such as groceries or a travel bag. So, when considering how much weight you put on the electric bike, you have to factor in your body weight, any accessories you add, and the cargo you carry. 

What Plus-Sized Riders Should Look for in an Electric Bike What Plus-Sized Riders Should Look for in an Electric Bike

Beyond the maximum weight load, plus-sized riders what to consider the frame design, the tires, and the brake system when choosing an electric bike. You want a strong, durable frame that is comfortable to ride. The frame design should be easy on the joints to ensure a safe ride. 

You want a brake system you can count on, too. Look for either disc or hydraulic brakes. The tires don’t have to be fat, but they should be wide to hold more air.  

Remember, too; weight affects performance. So if you want to ride long distances, get a good-sized battery – at least 500 Watt-hour. A strong motor will also take some strain off the battery. 

If you are unsure what electric bike is right for you, let our experts at sixthreezero help you find the best fit. Check out our website today to learn more. 


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