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Best Electric Bikes for Neighborhoods

Remember when you were a kid and it was so cool to bike around the neighborhood with your friends? Well, it’s time for a grown-up version of that feeling of freedom—freedom from having to always buy gas, freedom from finding a parking spot, freedom to enjoy the outdoors at your speed, freedom to do all of this in your own style! Not only that, electric bikes are a great way to help the environment, since you’ll be leaving the car at home more. Need to run to the grocery store for a few ingredients? Hop on the bike.

Want to visit a friend a few blocks away? Hop on the bike. Want to make a stop at the library? Hop on the bike. Need a better way to get to work? Hop on the bike. And with an electric bike, you can decide whether you want to pedal on your own power or let the bike do the work for you. 

Top Electric Bikes to Cruise the Neighborhood 

Which Neighborhood Electric Bike is Good for Beginners? 

Electric bikes are great for neighborhood travel, and all of these can easily go the distance when you’d rather not burn gas in the car for a short hop. The choice rests on whether you like to stand on the pedals going uphill, or whether your terrain is mostly level in your neighborhood. EVRYjourney and Around the Block are excellent choices for less-experienced or beginning riders because they are incredibly stable and comfortable to ride. The BodyEase is also very comfortable and stable, but again, the seat is thinner to make standing on the pedals to take hills a little easier. 

How to Choose an Electric Bike to Cruise the Neighborhood

Choosing the right bike for your needs is all about “FIT”. You’ll see the “FIT” panel on the right where you can enter your details and get customized suggestions on which electric bike best meets your requirements. The bike should fit your body so that you have a comfortable ride, and it should also be comfortable for your experience level. It’s also good to pick a bike based on how you’ll use it most. Are you using it to get to work each day? Or will you use it mostly for recreation and running short errands in the neighborhood? If you need carrying capacity for groceries or other equipment, that’s another consideration. 

Sixthreezero: E-Bike Experts You Can Trust

Building comfortable, practical, yet amazingly stylish bikes for real people is our mission. We’d like to see more people riding bikes than driving cars, not just to save the environment, but also because it’s a great way to exercise. Most of all, it’s fun! Once you try one of our electric bikes for cruising your neighborhood, you’ll want to be on it every day. And that’s just what our bikes are built for: making every day a bike day. If you have any questions, reach out to us: theteam@sixthreezero.


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