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Best Electric Bikes for Family Rides (Electric Cargo Bikes)

Updated On: March 10, 2022

Many excellent reasons exist for carrying a bit of gear and supplies with you as you head out on a ride. You might want to take some extra clothes in case the weather changes, or you could decide to take along some food for a picnic. If you are planning to stop at the beach or a public park, it is nice to have the ability to carry the supplies you need for fun and comfort. For these reasons, electric cargo bikes are a good option for families on the go. 

Many electric bike styles have the battery located on the back, allowing you to attach a bag of items on the rack above the battery. These styles include the ReachyourDestination 500W, the RideInThePark 500W and the AroundtheBlock 250W electric bikes. If you are looking for electric bikes for women, the Evryjourney 250W Internal Battery version also has a built-in rack above the back wheel that enables you to carry a lot of gear.   

Where To Find Electric Cargo Bikes

Sixthreezero has a good supply of cargo bikes that give you options for color, cost and battery power. You can look through a large selection of electric bikes for men, women and kids. By using the available tools for fitting and selection, you can order these online and have the bikes shipped ready for assembly.

You can even have the bikes shipped to your neighborhood bike store to have them assembled there. Shipping is by FedEx and in most cases you will have your bike in about a week.

Another option is to find a retailer in your area that sells quality electric bikes. You have several places where you can find a bike that is right for your needs:

•   Target

•   Walmart

•   Bed Bath & Beyond

•   Kohl's

Wherever you go, the process allows you to find the best bike for you and your family. You can also find accessories online that make carrying cargo safe and easy. Having suitable bags and panniers, bottle holders, and baskets lets you carry the supplies you need for a day of fun.

Beginner-Level Bikes for Kids

Finding electric bikes for kids is also something you can do online or through an approved retailer. Starting your child off with the right bike could be the beginning of a lifelong love affair with bicycles. When buying a bike for a young child, keep these important do's and don'ts in mind:

•   Do buy a bike that nicely fits the child

•   Don't buy the least expensive bike you can find

•   Do pay attention to proper fit and safety features

•   Do consider your child's biking style

•   Don't let them ride without a helmet

If you do decide to go electric, make sure your child understands how the bike works. More than likely, you will find that your child adapts to an electric bike with few if any problems.

Beach Cruisers for the Family

A beach cruiser bike is a nice family bike that delivers comfort, style and safety all in one package. In the electric version, you can choose from several AroundtheBlock models that come equipped with either a 250W or 500W motor. These bikes maximize fun and enjoyment, whether you customize your model with the ideal accessories or pick a color such as lilac ginger or pine melon. Traditional beach cruisers also provide a delightful riding experience.

Finding the right bike or bikes for your family could mean going electric or staying with a more traditional model. You could get a comfortable beach cruiser or a hybrid model that works on pavement and the trail. You have a choice of many quality options. 


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