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Best Electric Bikes for College of 2023

People of all ages have discovered that adding a battery-powered motor to a bike offers benefits that traditional bicycles and cars can't provide. In particular, e-bikes have become a much more common sight around college campuses. Some highlights of the reasons that college students have increasingly turned to electric bicycles include: 

  • College students with electric bikes don't need to worry about limited parking or the expense of buying, fueling, and maintaining a car. 
  • Electric bikes combine exercise from pedaling with a boost in speed and range from the electric motor. 
  • The e-bike's battery will charge at any outlet, unlike most EVs. Unlike typical cars or motorcycles, the motor will run silently without generating harmful emissions. 
  • Many college students already know how to ride a bicycle, so they find it easy to transition to an e-bike. 

The Top Electric Bikes for College Students in 2023

E-bike shoppers can enjoy a wealth of choices, but all these options can make it tough to find the right one. Many companies have started to produce a vast selection of electric bikes to meet the increasing demand. This hand-picked list of top e-bikes can make shopping for the perfect ride much more manageable. 

Qualisports Validor: A Convenient Folding E-Bike 

Students without much storage space or who sometimes need to pack up their transportation might prefer a folding e-bike like the Validor from Qualisports. This model only weighs about 38 pounds and can fold up to fit in the trunk of a car or closet. 

Even with its compact size, the Validor can still travel up to 20MHP and run up to 30 miles between battery charges. The manufacturer suggests a weight limit of 220 pounds. The seat and handlebars adjust to fit cyclists between five feet and six feet three inches. It's not the cheapest folding e-bike on the market, but it appears to offer a good balance between price, durability, and features. 

See the Validor on sale for $1,199 on Amazon. 

Review: It rides smooth, is easy to fold, easy to lift, and folded in half, it's small enough to commute on the crowded train, and it's good looking to boot.

Tern Quick Haul P9: A Compact Cargo E-Bike 

Some college courses require supplies. Plus, many college students earn extra money by delivering food or groceries. Tern provided a compact e-bike with plenty of room and power to haul cargo. Tern also sells optional accessories for safely carrying a lot of stuff around campus, including baskets and panniers. 

The seat post adjusts for riders from four feet eleven to six feet five inches tall, and the frame can support loads up to 330 pounds. Expect a range of about 30 to 60 miles, depending on terrain and load. These are surprisingly good specs for a relatively lightweight e-bike that riders can also stash in their cars. 

The Tern Quick Haul P9 costs $2,599 at Bike Attack

Review: This is the bike you get if you have space and money for only one bike that won't be out of place commuting to work, as well as picking up groceries at the farmer's market on Saturday mornings.

Which E-Bike is Best for College Students in 2023?

For people with room to store a typical bicycle, the EVRYJourney 500W offers excellent value. It's durable and designed for comfort, power, and versatility. Plus, this stylish model always attracts plenty of compliments. The other two bikes don't have generous tires, stylish appearances, or an ergonomic design, but they may attract cyclists needing high-quality, compact, and lightweight bikes. 

Pay attention to each model's suggested height ranges and weight limits. The e-bikes highlighted in the list above can adjust to fit most riders, but they won't work for everybody. Though all of them will work without pedaling, using pedal assist mode will increase speed and range. Also, the expected range between charges will depend upon the load, terrain, and speed. 

Some companies also make e-bikes intended for passengers and make three-wheeled e-tricycles that are easy to balance. In addition, these highlighted e-bikes can handle some hills but are mainly intended for street riding on paved surfaces or tightly packed paths. Other manufacturers design e-bikes for more extreme cycling activities, like mountain biking or racing. 

Where to Buy E-Bikes 

To ensure a positive experience, ensure the seller offers good customer service, a favorable return policy, and a strong warranty. If the e-bike doesn't live up to expectations right away, good sellers will make it right. 

For instance, SixThreeZero offers buyers a 30-day test ride for electric bikes. During this trial period, customers can seek assistance or return their e-bicycle for a refund without paying for restocking or return shipping. SixThreeZero will also work with local bike shops for assembly and repairs.


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