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Best Electric Bikes 2022 - Our Experts Top 10 List

Best Electric Bikes for 2022

What are some of the standout electric bikes this season? Here are our top 10 favorites.

Best Overall E-Bike Design

Best Cruiser E-Bike

Best Tricycle E-Bike

Best Fat Tire E-Bike

6. Aventon Aventure From $1999

Aluminum frame | 8-Speed | 750W Motor

If you are looking for a rugged fat tire e-bike able to handle any terrain, then Aventon offers the Aventure. This electric bike is both fast and strong. It is built for the e-bike rider looking for an adventure more than just transportation. It offers a 750W motor with a 720Wh battery for long-distance riding. The hybrid design will keep you comfortable on that road trip, too. The Aventon Aventure has the features you would expect to find on a bike built for adventure. With the reflective sidewalls, backlit LCD display, integrated brake lights, and strong headlight, you'll feel safe. It also provides five pedal assist levels along with a full throttle option. The metal fenders protect the frame from mud and other damage. The battery is integrated, which means you need the entire frame to charge. That might be a con for those who don't have easy access to charging. The fat tires and the rugged design make this bike a little too heavy to carry up and 

Best Singlespeed E-Bike

7. Rad Power RadMission 1 From $1199

Aluminum frame | Singlespeed | 500W Motor

Not everyone needs 21 different speeds. Sometimes one is enough. If that sounds like you, consider the Rad Power Radmission 1 for your next e-bike. This lightweight style bike is a little less expensive than some of the other options. It is a practical choice for city riding and commuting back and forth to work or school each day. The 504Wh removable battery offers 45 miles on a single charge, too. The 500W motor is powerful enough to ride at a reasonable speed, and it comes with four pedal assist options and full throttle. Single-speed isn't suitable for everyone, but you can use the motor to help get you started and cruise.

Best Mountain E-Bike

8. YETI 160E T1 From $13000

Aluminum frame | 12-Speed | Shimano EP8 Motor

Dedicated mountain e-bikes are expensive, and this model for YETI will set you back a few dollars, for sure. The problem is that the bike has to be sturdy enough to handle the challenges that mountain biking can offer, which takes some work. This model from YETI offers a six-bar rear suspension that can handle the rough terrain of mountain riding. It also has to have a motor that can handle steep inclines like th Shinano EP8. The Maxxis tires are tubeless for a smoother, more stable ride. Tack on a 630Wh internal battery to make sure you can get from point A to point B while on your adventure. An electric mountain bike isn't for the daily commuter, but this one will get you there and back if you are heading for the hills. 

Best Cargo E-Bike

9. Rad Power RadWagon 4 From $1999

Steel frame | 7-Speed | 750W

If you want a bike with a little bit more cargo space, then look for one that is designed for that purpose, like the Rad Power RadWagon 4. It offers a 350 lbs payload capacity, which can handle even a heavier rider plus their groceries. The elongated frame ensures plenty of room in the back, too, for whatever or whoever you want to put back there. You can ride it on pedal assist or with a throttle. The 750-watt direct-drive hub motor will get you there fast and with ease, and the battery will go up to 45 miles on one charge. It comes complete with lights, fenders, and a kickstand. 

Best Folding E-Bike

10. Rad Power RadExpand 5 From $1499

Aluminum Alloy frame | 7-Speed | 750W

If you love the idea of an electric bike but need something a little easier to store, then how about a folding model designed to fit in small places? The Rad Power RadExpand 5 offers a 750W motor, so you don't sacrifice speed even though the size is small. It will also take you up to 45 miles on a single charge. It comes with an adjustable ride bar that moves both forward and backward. The moped-style frame has a step-through design so that you can climb on and off easily. The frame includes both front and rear racks for extra cargo space. You have an option to buy a center console for even more storage space. The double kickstand keeps the bike upright even when fully loaded. The RadExpand comes with an integrated taillight and 20-inch Kenda K-rad tires to handle paved streets or rough terrain. It's the perfect option to fold up and put in your car trunk or to store in your RV when you travel.

Electric bikes or e-bikes are trending this year as people look for gas-free ways to travel. An electric bike is the best of both worlds. It offers you easy transportation and a way to burn a few calories. 

The question isn't should you want an electric bike, but what bike is best. It is a big market, and not every e-bike out there runs efficiently and has lasting power. Like any bike, there are models built cheap that don't perform as well. 

Consumers need to turn to the professionals to find the ones that are both fun to ride and worth the money. According to our bike experts, consider the best of the best in electric bikes for 2022. 

What We Looked For

First, what does it take for an e-bike to make this list? Our experts looked at essential features of any bike, plus considered things like the motor and battery power. 

Frame: The frame is a practical place to start because it can affect the weight of the bike and the price. Typically, they are either steel or aluminum. An aluminum frame is lighter and durable but can be more expensive. On the other hand, steel frames cost less but are heavier and may rust. 

Value: What are you getting in this electric bike, and is it worth the money? E-bikes can have a lot of cool features, but some are more essential than others. There are plenty of overpriced models out there that don't offer much more but cost a lot. 

Style: Electric bikes come in different types and for a variety of uses. A city bike is built for paved roads, while mountain bikes handle more rugged terrain. It is vital that buyers consider how they want to use the e-bike and get the style and model that best suits those needs. 

Added Components: Most e-bikes have something extra that you won't necessarily find on all bikes. For example, does it have fenders? How many baskets? 

Motor and Battery: Of course, the motor and battery are what make electric bikes different from all others. They come in a variety of sizes and styles – which doesn't necessarily indicate one is better than another. It is critical that buyers know what they are getting and whether these two essential components fit their vision. 

Find out more about the top electric bikes on this list by visiting our sixthreezero website today.


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