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Best Electric Bike for Dad for Christmas

Don't look now, but Christmas is right around the corner. And as is the case with every holiday season, it's nearly time to make your list and check it twice (you've got to find out who's been naughty or nice). And as you make your holiday shopping list, chances are there are some people to buy for that are easier to shop for than others. One of the most challenging people to shop for is likely your dad.

So what should you be getting dad this year? If he likes the outdoors and staying active, there's arguably no better gift than an electric bike. E-bikes are like conventional bicycles in that they can be pedaled and ridden, but they also feature an electric motor and drivetrain to help complement pedaling or give riders a little bit of a break. In this post, we'll cover why an electric bike could make such a great gift for your old man this holiday season and some of the best bikes on the market to select from. Here's a closer look:

What to Look for in an Electric Bike

E-bikes aren't one type fits all. They come in a variety of different types and styles relevant to riding purpose. For instance, there are beach cruisers, fat tire bikes, commuter bikes, comfort bikes, three-wheel tricycle bikes and more. On this note, it's important that you select a bike for dad that suits his intended riding purpose. In most cases, we think you'll find that a comfort-style bike is best. These bikes tend to be designed to reduce pressure on the joints and offer a comfortable, ergonomic ride.

Electric Battery Range

Another factor to consider is battery range. Most e-bikes have two electric ride modes: pedal assist mode and full electric throttle mode. Pedal assist mode provides electric assistance in addition to conventional pedaling, while full electric throttle mode is where the electric motor works to solely propel the bike without manual pedaling. Most e-bikes tend to have a battery range of up to 40 miles in pedal assist mode and 20 miles in full electric throttle mode. Make sure that you select a bike model with an electric range that suits dad's overall riding purpose and style.

Fit Test

While it might be a little bit more of a challenge to surprise dad with a bike this holiday season, we always suggest having riders professionally fit tested before selecting one for purchase. Bikes are not a one-size-fits-all that can be adjusted for height and comfort by the seat. It's always best to be professionally fit tested either in person or online before making a bike purchase.

Best Electric Bikes for Dad for Christmas

Let's dig into some of the best electric bikes on the market today that make for great Christmas presents for your old man. Here's a closer look at some of the models that would be perfect next to the tree this Christmas morning.

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For more information on what features make for a great e-bike for dad this Christmas, contact Sixthreezero today. We firmly believe that riding is for everyone and there's an e-bike out there to suit everyone's wants, needs and preferences. For more information about the bikes featured on this list and to learn more about why electric bikes are becoming so much more popular, contact us today.


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