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BEST EBike Brands

When we set out to discover the best selling e-bike on the planet, we were not sure what we would find. After all, this is a booming market and everyone is interested in buying electric bikes. As a result, there are plenty of vendors selling e-bikes, but not all of these bikes are created equal.

To help you filter through the best e-bike brands based on a number of categories. Consider whether you want to find the best bike for a budget, customization, battery life, and range.

Investing in E-Bike Brands

The first direction to take as you shop for an e-bike is brands. There are so many brands out there on the selling front ready to take your money. However, not all brands offer the same level of customer service and customized bike options. This is where it pays to bring along your top contenders for expectations when buying a bike.

For the majority of e-bike buyers, budget is the deciding factor. And since there are so many businesses that are making electric bikes, you can easily find a new e-bike for every purpose. Whether you need a bike to help you with commuting, errands, or beach exploration, there is an e-bike for you with tires ready to handle the load.

Choose the Perfect Bike for Your Purpose

Several brands of e-bike manufacturers, including Sixthreezero, have made the entire process much easier. This starts with choosing your bike. Take Sixthreezero, for example, where you can order your own personalized e-bike based on several important factors. Pick an electric bike that allows for customization and you get everything you actually need and want in a new bike. This saves you time and money from having to retrofit or replace your e-bike.

Consider how the top rated e-bike brands fair according to several important factors:

  • Budget
  • Customization
  • Battery life
  • Range

The budget being a deciding factor for most buyers, we have taken that into consideration when sorting these brands. Customization is important for bike owners who have specific purposes for using a bike, including personal health goals and commuting in cities. As an electric bike averages in cost at around $2,000, you want to make certain you have everything you need in a bike.

The Best Electric Bike Brands

Take a look at this chart to see the top brands we have selected for this review. From left (first) to right (last), you have the leading brands of e-bikes.

In order to select the best electric bike brands, we considered all of the available brands currently sold in the US market. The top brands are offering some interesting aspects that will make shoppers happy. Along with a wide price range from $1,000 to $4,000, you can also play around with the range and top speed to find your best fitting e-bike.

The speeds for the best brands of e-bikes are 20 mph for the slowest bike and 28 mph for top speed choices. As for the range, you are looking at getting anywhere from 20 to 100 miles out of a single battery charge. When you want to pick an e-bike that will take you longer and for more frequent trips, the range matters the most. Cannondale pulls ahead in this category with the farthest range at a max 100 miles on a single charge.

However, getting more mileage out of every battery charge will also come in handy when trying to power up your bike on a busy rainy morning on your way to work. Since you have to charge your battery less often, you are able to stay moving more easily. Planning commutes and short trips will be a cinch when based on your e-bike’s capacity. Here is where a company like Sixthreezero wins every time by offering the most in accessibility. You can easily design just the right bike for your purpose and physique to ensure the best fit for you as the rider.

Now, let's take a look at these five bike brands--Sixthreezero, Speedrid, Schwinn, Ride1Up, and Cannondale. Check out how these bike manufacturers and brands compare in terms of specifications for e-bikes. Use this valuable information to help you select the right fit and make for your next electric bike.

For Customization


Available in beach cruiser, fat tire, hybrid, comfort, tricycle and commuter, the e-bikes by Sixthreezero are designed for commuters, cruising, exercise, campus, exploration, errands, market, baby, and beach rides. Made to fit individuals who are 5 feet to 6’4” in height, everyone in your household will get some use of one of these handy electric bikes.

Options of 250W and 500W increase the customizable options so you get exactly how much power you want to pay for a bike. All of the bikes by Sixthreezero feature ergonomic setup for comfort and relaxation. How does the company do this for each customer?

They have a personalized build-your-bike quiz online that lets you decide up front what you want and need from an e-bike. You see all of your options and have a good perspective on what is available. Considering that the Sixthreezero comfort e-bike lines are all designed for multiple purposes, you are able to extend the reach of this solid form of transportation. Each bike is well-suited for bumpy terrain, as well as the busy streets of urban locales, thanks to dual spring suspension.

Also, at a price point of less than $2,000 per custom bike, you are looking at a bargain for what you get in return. Spend less and get more with the Sixthreezero brand.

Plus, these bikes simply have a look that is as cool as an ice cream cone on a hot summer’s day. You can relax just by looking at these pastel-hued bikes. That says a lot considering all of the other bikes on this list tend to be in a basic all-black design. If you want a bike with more festive colouration that gives off a cool as a cucumber vibe, the Sixthreezero brand is the way to go.

For Fat Tire


Here is a very distinct style of e-bike that meets a certain need for riders. You have the uber-popular fat tire e-bike line by Speedrid. The neatest feature about this collection of e-bikes is that you can opt for a folding model.

With a folding e-bike, you have the flexibility and portability to travel, including on airplanes and trains with this bike. Perfect for long-distance drivers and truckers, the folding fat tire bikes make an ideal option for emergency transportation when on the road. Of course, you can also purchase a true-to-form e-bike that is not foldable either.

The Speedrid fat tire e-bikes feature a powerful 500W engine that holds up to a maximum capacity of 300 pounds. The fat tires measure 4 inches in width and sit on 20” and 26” wheels. This bike comes equipped with front suspension and dual disc brakes.

A consideration is that the bike arrives 85 percent assembled and you will want to have some experience with putting it together when you receive the bike. However, for less than $1,000 an e-bike, this is also one of the more cost-efficient solutions for e-bike riding hopefuls.

Brand Name Recognition


The Schwinn bike brand has been around for as long as most bike owners can remember. In fact, the man behind the brand name, Ignaz Schwinn, came to the US in 1891 as an immigrant. Four years after that, Arnold, Schwinn and Company was founded in Illinois and the “World Bicycles” official trade name became a fact. Today, the company continues to be recognized as a bicycle brand with influence. In 2019, Schwinn went electric and today you can find an e-bike made to fit individuals 5’3” to 6’4.”

The e-bikes by Schwinn come fully equipped with the Bosch Performance Line Cruise. As for power, you get 250W and 11 speeds on a SRAM Apex drivetrain. These bikes have a 27.5” wheel capacity and a signature Schwinn shape. You can also get an e-scooter from the Schwinn brand.

For Budget

Ride1Up CORE-5

If you are in search of an affordable option for an e-bike, consider the Ride1Up brand and its CORE-5 bike. This is a thumb throttle assist that has nine levels for pedal-assist to increase your capacity for speed and range. On each e-bike you will find an easy to read LCD panel for battery level.

The e-bikes from Ride1Up are 90 percent assembled upon delivery. Beyond the affordable option of the CORE-5, there are a few other models of bikes for sale. These come with a 20 to 40 mile range and get up to 28 miles per hour. Furthermore, these bikes feature the Shimano 7-speed gear set for more performance, power and stability.

For the City

Cannondale Mavaro Neo City Electric Bike

Here we have a carbon-fibre bicycle line that is made by Cannondale, a company established in 1971. The bikes manufactured by Cannondale focused on suspension, making this an excellent pick for urban commuters and off-road riding.

Keep in mind this line features a pedal-assist only bike that does not have a throttle similar to a motorbike. In terms of speed, the Cannondale Mavaro Neo City Electric Bike, in particular, goes up to 20 miles per hour. Neo is a durable model using Shimano parts that increases the value component.

As for the range, you can get a lot out of the Cannondale e-bikes. The Neo City bike, for example, reaches a range of 65 miles and charges fully in just 3.5 hours. However, other e-bikes by Cannondale pull off an impressive 100 mile range on a single charge of the battery. Plus, for maximum efficiency, the bike only weighs 54 pounds, making it easier to transport.

On average, the Cannondale e-bikes come in at a $2,700 for a more moderate price point. While this is not the most affordable option, the single-sided forks and well-built frames are made for use in urban environments where durability is a must.

Bottom Line: Best Brands for E-Bikes

When you are investing time, money and your personal health and safety in a bicycle, you expect to get great results in return. Having an electric motor affixed to a bike increases its efficiency ten-fold as you now can go, go, go without worrying about having to pedal like a maniac. In the fast-paced world we live in, everyone needs to find an efficient way to get to places in order to save their own sanity. Plus, with e-bikes, you have the open feel of a motorcycle along with that cool breeze feel.

That being said, which brand do we recommend for the best brands for e-bikes? Hands down, Sixthreezero. This bicycle manufacturer offers the most personality and customization for the price point. If you want to have comfort and stability, a supportive frame and cushioning seat are going to provide that for you. Make the most of your next e-bike investment and go with the brand that offers the best--Sixthreezero. You won't be let down or left on the roadside with this handy and fun to ride electric bicycle.


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