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Best E-Bikes for Bad Knees

Aventon Aventure


Full-color LCD

720 Watt Hour Battery

750 Watt Motor

Fat tires design



Integrated battery

Riders report some motor lag

Noisy ride due to metal fenders

The Aventon Aventure electric bike is an excellent choice for someone looking to e-bike on harsh terrain and for long distances. The 720 Watt Hour battery is a bit of an overkill for many riders but the optimal choice for someone looking to do adventure riding.

This model comes with a step-through frame for easy mounts and dismounts and a powerful hub motor. It also has some cool features like fenders and a color LCD display. The integrated battery gives the bike a sleek style but can be a hassle for someone who isn’t parking it in a garage with electrical power. You will need to take the whole frame to the charging spot, which is tough if you live in an apartment several floors up.

The Radio Flyer M880


672 Watt Hour Battery

Suspension about to absorb bumps



Color LCD display



The display is a bit busy

Riders complain the grips are slippery

Limited terrain use

Not suitable for anyone under 5’4”

Yes, the Radio Flyer M880 electric bike comes from the same company that makes everyone’s favorite little red wagon. Like the wagon, the electric bike from Radio Flyer is well-built for someone looking for something to use for commutes.

It offers a 672 Watt Hour Samsung battery that powers the 500W motor that comes with 60Nm of torque. You’ll also find Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, a 100mm suspension fork, and a Shimano Acera drivetrain with eight speeds.

If you are looking for an e-bike for commuting, this one will do the trick, but that is all it does. This isn’t the bike you take to the beach or ride for recreation on the weekends. Instead, it will take you up to 50 miles on a single charge and comes with a lightweight alloy frame with locked electronics so you can park it safely outside the office.

It is also not for the petite rider. This bike is suitable for someone who is between 5’5” and 6’4”.

Electric Bike Company’s Model 5


Easy to ride

Ergonomic frame design

Lots of customization options

Long warranty



Heavy bike

High center of gravity

If you want an electric cruiser bike and don’t mind paying more for it, then California-based Electric Bike Company offers the Model 5. This is a classically-style beach cruiser with a step-through frame and rear hub motor. The manufacturer offers four choices for the battery ranging from 12Ah to 36Ah. You can also house the larger batteries in a front basket.

The thing that really stands out about this model e-bike is the customization options. You pick the paint color, battery size, drivetrain quality, and even fender style that works best for your needs and budget. Electric Bike Company markets it as 100% customizable. The choices you make determine the price and how far you can go on a single charge.

If you have bad knees, you might struggle to find the right exercise. You need something that doesn’t add stress to the joints but still gets your heart rate up for the most cardiovascular benefits.

Biking checks all the boxes. Cycling offers low-impact exercise with less stress on weight-bearing joints like the knees. It also is a flexible exercise option. You can ride fast or slow. You can ride a short distance or go far.

Biking also can be a form of transportation as well as exercise. It means using less gas and helping the environment.

Now tack a motor and rechargeable battery onto the bike, and suddenly, biking makes a lot of sense. Electric bikes allow you to ride with some assistance from the motor for even less strain on the knees, especially when going up hills or riding in strong winds. You also have the option to ride without pedaling at all.

The question isn’t whether an electric bike is a practical exercise option if you have bad knees but which models are best for you. Consider some of the top e-bikes for those living with bad knees.

Why Choose an Electric Bike?

Electric bikes offer all the fitness benefits of a traditional bike but with a more leisurely, more flexible ride. The problem with bike riding, especially if you have issues with your knees, is that you have to get back once you ride out. Add to this the uncontrollable things like hills and wind, and an electric bike starts to make a lot of sense.

For some, the appeal is getting out of that tedious car commute. An electric bike offers a fun and affordable way to save on gas and help the environment at the same time. E-bikes are the optimal choice for exercise, commutes, trips to the grocery store, or even adventure vacationing.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

The benefits of riding an electric bike clearly outweigh the negatives. Some people do find an electric bike heavier than the traditional model. Of course, that is offset by the pedal-assist riding, but it can be a problem if you have to take your bike upstairs to store it.

Overall, though, an electric bike can give you the confidence to get out on those trails again. It might not be something you’ve done since you were a child, but the motor makes the ride much more fun.

How to Choose an Electric Bike?

There is a lot to think about when considering an electric bike. First, consider what style best suits your needs. For instance, is storage an issue? Then maybe you want a folding bike. Also, what do you want to use the bike for? Are you looking for something to commute with or just ride for exercise? Are you going on rough terrain? Then fat tires might make the most sense for you.

Finally, consider the features you want on your bike. For example, are you looking for a powerful motor? The larger the motor, the better the load capacity. So, if you are a heavier rider or looking to carry groceries, then motor size is a critical consideration.

Comfort will matter, too, especially if you have bad knees. Read through the reviews and see if riders consider the e-bike easy on the joints and the knees in particular.

Why Choose Sixthreezero?

Of course, we are a little biased because we think the Sixthreezero models are the best of the best. Why should you consider buying an electric bike from Sixthreezero, though? Since 2005, we have been selling some of the best-designed bikes on the market. We believe in providing innovative designs with stylish features and must-have specifications.

Initially, we made cruiser bikes in the garage. Today, we are one of the top bike manufacturers on the market, and we work out of a warehouse in Torrance, California. We still make cruisers but have expanded our product line to everything from hybrids to three-wheelers.

We stand behind our products 100 percent and offer things that are hard to find in the biking industry, like custom fits. We believe bikes should be easy and comfortable to ride and don’t sell anything we wouldn’t ride ourselves.

When it comes to our line of electric bikes, we focus on three things: fast, flexible, and affordable. We also pride ourselves on having a bike for every need. If you want something for the commute, we have it. If you are looking to ride on the beach, we can help there, too.

Find out more about Sixthreezero and the electric bikes we offer by visiting our website today. We’ll help you find the perfect bike in just five minutes or less.


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