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Best Bikes For Women Over 60 (Summer 2022 Top Picks)

June 14, 2022

Summer's almost here, and it's the perfect time to get on your bike and explore. With so many rails, parks and out-of-the-way spots beckoning, you've no shortage of places to go. But your bike must be comfortable — and that means fitting your body size and offering a pain-free riding experience. This short guide introduces some popular options from Sixthreezero.

Why Women Over 60 Should Buy a Bike This Summer

When you're riding your bike, you simultaneously use multiple muscle groups in your quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. You're strengthening your core, which contains muscles in your abdomen, lower back and sides that support your spine and help you stay upright. With less stress and weight placed on lower body joints, it's an excellent low-impact activity. You can enjoy cycling's benefits without experiencing pain in your joints.

What To Look For While Bike Shopping Over 60

Anyone of any age can experience pain and stiffness in their joints and back. That said, these issues are more common among those over 60. When shopping for your next bike, it's important to look at each model's specs: pedal position, arm and leg lengths, height and weight ranges, seat softness and suggested riding pace. Sixthreezero's rider fit specs also indicate whether each model works well for riders with body pain.

Women's Around the Block Beach Cruiser Bike

Sixthreezero's Around the Block is built for comfort. Recommended for leisurely to moderate speeds, Around the Block's generous height and weight range make it an ideal fit for many riders. Both its riding and pedal positions maintain your body in proper alignment while permitting full leg extension, avoiding discomfort in your back and lower joints. Equipped with a medium soft padded seat, Around the Block offers a carefree riding experience on paved surfaces and trails.

Women's EVRYJourney Touring Hybrid Bike

Several key features make the EVRYJourney an excellent choice for both commuters and recreational riders: an extra-wide soft foam seat, 26-inch wheels and wider tires that roll effortlessly over both paved and unpaved ground. The EVRYJourney incorporates an upright pedaling position yet places the pedal closer to the front wheel and lower to the ground. Riders still enjoy proper leg extension with this design.

Supporting an ever wider variety of riders, the EVRYJourney fits people up to 6'4" tall and who weigh up to 300 pounds. Riders with shorter legs and arms can more easily reach the pedals. Its unique design makes it ideal for riders experiencing back and/or knee pain.

Women's Body Ease Comfort Bike

Built especially for comfort, the Body Ease is a popular commuter bike for both paved surfaces and light unpaved trails. Its frame supports an upright riding posture, placing the pedal directly below your knees for stability, balance and proper joint alignment. With an utlra-low step-through frame and a soft padded seat, the Body Ease also gets high marks for comfort. Like the EVRYJourney, the Body Ease supports a wide range of body sizes and people with back and knee pain.

Fat Tire Beach Cruiser

Available in a fat tire edition, the EVRYJourney doubles as a beach cruiser bike. Fat tires offer more riding possibilities thanks to their wide, offering more tire-ground contact to move smoothly over off-road trails, sand, snow and pavement. The EVRYJourney Fat Tire bike has the exact same rider fit specs as the original.

Best Electric Bikes for Women Over 60

Sixthreezero's Around the Block, EVRYJourney and Body Ease are optimal choices for older riders. These bikes also come in electric editions with both 250W and 500W rear hub motor options. Choose from pedal assist for a little extra power or full-power mode to let your bike do all the work. Not sure what type of bike you need? Use our BodyFit feature to get started.


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