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Best Bikes For Seniors With Balance Problems 2022

Updated On: June 15, 2023

Cycling is an activity that benefits people of all ages. A low-impact workout, it’s especially helpful for seniors, providing ample exercise while being gentle on the body. As you advance in age, it’s important to take extra care to protect your bones and joints and prevent injuries. If you’re looking to purchase a bike for yourself or a loved one, search for a model that has specially designed features that provide comfort and stability for senior riders.

Cruiser Bikes

Beach cruisers allow you to ride in comfort and style. Browse models with ergonomic design features that support your joints and make stopping, mounting and dismounting easier.

Foldable Bikes

A bike can easily transport a person but it is not so easy for a person to transport a bike. Due to their large size and awkward shape, bicycles take up a lot of space and can be difficult to maneuver, particularly for seniors. Enter the foldable bike. This handy invention is a compact version that carries well and stows neatly. Convenience and portability make foldable bikes an appealing choice for senior riders.

Link C8 by Tern

Imagine being able to fold your bike in just 10 seconds. That is what the Tern Link C8 folding bike promises to do. This small but sturdy cycle has 20” wheels putting riders lower to the ground for better balance and control — a big plus for seniors.

Loop by Schwinn

Lightweight and durable define the Loop folding bike. Like the Link C8, the Loop has 20” tires that are best suited for seniors who may not sit as tall as they used to. This model also features a built-in cargo rack in the back to conveniently store items.

Adult Trikes

Oh, to feel young again! Channel your inner child and treat yourself to an adult tricycle. The third wheel is not only reminiscent of childhood days but also adds stability, a desirable quality for those who experience balance issues. 

Even if your balance isn’t as reliable as it once was, you can still safely enjoy all the fitness and fun that cycling brings. Before purchasing, visit a local bike shop or online retailer to get fit tested. Choose a bicycle that aligns with your body type and has safeguards to help you balance. With the right bike, you’ll be cruising through your golden years!


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