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Best Bikes For Seniors With Arthritis 2022

March 16, 2022

Biking is a wonderful activity. It gets you outdoors into the fresh air. You can enjoy beautiful scenery and if biking with a partner, great company. 

Older adults and seniors may wonder if biking is appropriate for them. The answer is an unequivocal "yes!" Even if you have mobility issues such as arthritis or trouble with balance, biking can be a gentle way for you to exercise.

Why eBikes Are Easier To Balance

Thanks to the ergonomic design of eBikes, they are easier to balance and ride. Riders have a more upright posture with proper angels for hips, arms, and legs. Sixthreezero sizes each bike for every customer. This proper fit eases stress on joints and muscles.

In addition, eBikes offer pedal assist. This means that when the road is a little too steep or long or your body gets a little too tired, you can kick in the motor. You can even put the bike on full motor and then you don't need to pedal at all. Just sit back and enjoy the scenery.

Type Of Bikes To Consider If You Have Balance Problems (Recumbent Bikes, Step Through Bikes, Trikes)

There are some eBike designs that are particularly good for riders with balance problems, such as:

  1. Tricycles: You probably had one of these as a child. Well, they are now fashionable for adult riders and they come with so many cool features you'll be excited to have one again. Trikes have the obvious advantage of a double back wheel which gives greater stability than a bicycle. A fat-tire model adds even more security and comfort. The bonus space between the rear tires is the perfect place for a bike basket. Check out the EVRYjourney 250W Tricycle for a nice ride.
  2. Step-Through Bikes: Built with a low crossbar, these bikes don't require you to lift your leg high to straddle the bike. You can simply step through the frame to get on the seat. This is a real boon to anyone with sore or stiff joints. You also stand on one foot for less time as you saddle up. The BodyEase 500W eBike features an ultra-low step-through frame with seatpost suspension for even more comfort.
  3. Recumbent Bikes: Looking for a more laid-back biking experience? Literally? Recumbent bikes position you in a semi-reclined position with the foot pedals mounted in the front instead of under you. There are trike versions of recumbent bikes, with two wheels either in the front or the back. There are also bicycle versions with one wheel front and back.

With each ride, the electric motor makes the trip as easy as you want it to be. If you feel up to doing all the work, turn the motor off. For just a little help on tough hills, adjust the throttle accordingly.  

Key Takeaways

Biking is great cardiovascular exercise and may actually help reduce arthritis symptoms. It can also improve your mood and help you sleep better at night. Before you hop on your bike and head for the hills, do the following:

  • Check with your doctor. Get your exercise plan approved.
  • Buy the right bike. Have it fitted to you.
  • Perform warm-up exercises before you ride.
  • Start with shorter rides and work up to greater distances.
  • Stretch after your ride.

Don't forget the safety gear. Most municipalities require bike helmets. Even if yours doesn't, get one anyway. Make sure it fits properly and wear it every time you head out.

Whether you plan on riding at night or not, outfit your bike with lights and reflectors. Don't let an accident spoil your beautiful ride.


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