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Best Bikes for Men of All Ages

Cycling is one of those sports that you can enjoy your entire life. If you have your bike and some flat pavement, you’re off and rolling – whether you’re on an urban riverfront trail or a country road. The best bikes for men can accommodate riders throughout various stages. But there are still some frames and styles that are better for younger riders (and likewise for older cyclists). Here are some of the best bikes for men of all ages, from new riders to retirees.

Ideal Bikes for Young Men

The right frame for a cyclist is largely determined by his inseam. Younger riders who are still under 5’3” should get a bike frame that is between 13 and 15 inches (bike frame measurements reflect the length of the seat tube). Once they reach 5’4”, they can move on to a frame that is up to 19 inches. Young men should also stick to 24-inch tires until about the age of 13.

Hybrid bikes are excellent for young men who are just becoming serious cyclists. These bikes are comfortable and handle well on short commutes and casual rides. Their light frames and mountain bike structure also make them easier to manage.

Best Bikes for Active Men

Beyond their teenage years, most men can benefit from one of the top touring or all-road men’s bikes with 26 to 29-inch tires and larger frames (if you’re over 6 feet, choose at least a 24-inch bike frame). These bikes are tougher and have tires meant to handle varying terrains. You can commute to and from work in an urban area on a touring bike, then take it with you on a camping trip with the family. Adventure and all-road bikes are made of titanium or steel and can handle winter conditions. Many of these bikes also handle luggage, so bringing your briefcase to and from the office won’t require a juggling act.

Good Bikes for Older Riders

City bikes and beach cruisers can make excellent men’s bicycles for gentlemen in retirement or those who are beyond their adventure trail days. City bikes have flat pedals and are designed to be sturdy. Riders can also use them in plain clothes without issue. Cyclists also have a more upright riding position on a city bike, which is better for posture and easier on someone with lower back pain. Beach cruisers can handle more than the boardwalk, but they’re also good for an older rider looking for a more leisurely ride.

Staying on the road is easy given the number of affordable, resilient, comfortable bikes on the market. Men of all ages can find a ride that matches everything from their height and weight to their desired pace and sense of adventure. At sizthreezero, we have city and trail models for cyclists. Check out these models to get started:

sixthreezero Around the Block Mens 26" seven speed

BE man 1 speed

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