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Best Bikes for First Time Riders

4. Cannondale Trail 6


  • Disc brakes
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • 16 gears
  • SAVE micro-suspension
  • WTB Ranger Comp Wheels


  • Changing gears can be a bit complicated

The Cannondale Trail 6 is a practical choice for the new rider interested in mountain biking. The design makes riding gravel paths and going up and down steep hills easier. It offers upright geometry that makes the bike more comfortable, even in rough terrain.

The Smart Form C3 alloy frame is lightweight, and the SR Suntour XCT fork adds stability for the rider. In addition, the double welded frame adds years to the lifespan of the bike, even if you take it on rough trails. That same design also helps absorb vibrations for a more comfortable ride.

This bike comes equipped with a speed shifting system that makes changing gears easier when riding on a steep incline. However, it might take some getting used to for the new rider.

5. Priority Coast


  • Classic cruiser design
  • Light, rust-proof frame
  • Choice of single or three speeds
  • Upright design


  • Not very versatile

The Priority Coast is biking in its simplest form. It features an aluminum frame that does well in everything from bad weather to salt air. It also has sealed bearings that make it almost maintenance-free. Tack on some Kenda picture-resistant tires, and you have a bike that can handle just about anything.

This is also the bike for someone who doesn’t care about shifting gears. You can get it in single-speed, which is the easiest to ride, or three-speeds. It comes with a double kickstand to keep it stable when parked and traditional cruiser handlebars with a front hand brake.

The fundamental design won’t be the right choice for everyone, but if you want an uncomplicated bike, this one fits the bill.

Whether you are getting on your first bike in years or the first one ever, choosing the right style and model is important. The type of bike you choose affects everything, from how heavy the frame is to how you sit on the saddle. If you choose the wrong one for you, it may be the last time you ride. 

There are a lot of things to consider when bike shopping. You want something that fits your lifestyle, for example. You also want to consider how and when you plan to ride the bike. What features do you want on your bike? Are baskets essential? 

Once you answer all the important questions, you’ll better know what bike will work for you. We can get you started with a list of the best bikes for first-time riders. 

What to Look For In Your First Bike

If you are still not sure about that first bike, then here are some things you want to consider when making your choice. 


This list offers a birdseye view into different styles of bikes, such as cruisers, road bikes, and hybrids. Style is probably one of the most critical decisions you’ll make when choosing a bicycle, especially if you are new to riding or just getting started again. Here are some style definitions that will help:

  • Road bike – Road bikes have drop handlebars and lightweight frames. They are good options for long rides or daily commutes. 
  • Mountain bikes – As the name suggests, these bikes are built for climbing. They can feature thin or fat tires and tend to have suspension systems to make riding more comfortable. 
  • Hybrid bikes – Several of the bikes on the “best of” list are hybrids, meaning they are a combination of two styles, usually mountain and road. A hybrid will typically have a design that allows the rider to sit upright. They are also good on a variety of terrains, which makes them a popular choice, especially if you want to experience riding in different areas. 
  • Cruiser bikes have a similar design as hybrids but with even more comfort options. They feature an upright riding style and usually have wide saddles. They are a practical choice if you want to ride in the city or on more rough terrain like the beach.


Next, consider what components you might need. For instance, how many gears make the most sense for you? Most people find one or two gears they like and stick to them. If you plan to ride at different elevations or on a variety of terrains, more gears will make sense.

The saddle is a critical consideration, too. New riders will find that hard seats mean sore backsides. Look for saddles that are wider and made with dual springs and foam. The more comfortable the ride, the more likely you will get back on the bike instead of letting it gather dust in the garage.

Tires come in a variety of widths. Fat tires help make the ride more comfortable and more durable. They also add weight to the bike, though. So a new rider might benefit from something mid-sized. That way, they get maneuverability and stability and a more comfortable ride. 


Bikes sell from incredibly cheap to ridiculously expensive. New riders will want something mid-range. Cheap bikes will require more maintenance and may not be as stable or comfortable. A costly bike might be too much, especially if you are still figuring out if biking is for you. Set a budget for yourself, and then stick to it. That way, you don’t get something flimsy or a bike that costs more than you can afford. 

Consider the NonTraditional

When people think of bikes, they imagine two wheels and pedals that move them forward. The truth is there are other options worth considering, especially for new riders. For example, three-wheel bikes are making a comeback. They offer added stability. You might welcome this option if you have never ridden a bike before because you don’t have to learn. You simply hop on a three-wheel bike and go.

Electric is another out-of-the-box design worth considering. Electric bikes have the same basic design as a traditional two-wheeler but have the added bonus of a motor and battery. That means bikers who are riding for the first time to get in shape can use the pedal assist to help build up their strength. As you get stronger, you will use the motor less.

Why Shop at Sixthreezero? 

One of the most important choices you’ll make is brand. Sixthreezero has been making some of the finest bikes on the market since 2005. We believe the combination of stability, cool features, and innovative design make the bike. 

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Our customer service is one thing that makes us stand out in a sea of bike manufacturers. We stand by our products. We also stand by our buyers by helping them find the right style and fit for their needs. Our guided fitting system customizes the process, so you get paired with the perfect bike. We think of all the little things you might need so you can just enjoy finding your favorite bike style. 

You spend five minutes answering a few questions, and then we make recommendations about what bike size and style is the best choice. Once you have a bike in mind, we help you customize it further with cool features that make it your ride.

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