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Best Bikes For Commuting to Work In Philadelphia

August 13, 2021

Throughout the country, commuting to work via bike is becoming increasingly popular. As Philadelphia already has a firmly established commuting culture, there are plenty of examples to draw from if you plan on becoming a bike commuter yourself. What and how you choose to ride depends on your particular situation, so here is a brief guide for commuting in the city. 

Commuting by Bike In Philly

As with any city, parts of Philly are great for biking while other parts are little short of a nightmare. Depending on the time you expect to commute, streets can be mostly empty or packed bumper to bumper. This is why planning your route is important.

How To Prepare

Preparing for a Philly commute requires a little background knowledge. If you are new to the area, explore the routes you intend to take before committing to one for work. If possible, avoid areas without a dedicated bike path. Usually, common bike areas are the safest for both pedestrians and riders. Make sure to equip yourself with a proper bike, helmet, and set of lights.

Popular Routes

The route you should use depends entirely on your start and end location. Still, there are several efficient and popular routes for commuters. These are mostly connected to Spring Garden Street, waterfront areas, and one-directional numbered streets. These include:

•      Spring Garden Street

•      Boathouse Row to Manayunk

•      Martin Luther King Drive

•      North to South Delaware Path

Bike Types For Commuters

Perhaps the most important single factor affecting the quality of your commute is the type of bike you choose to ride. The most viable option for commuting in the city include:

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are exceptionally well suited to commuting, as they allow you to pedal with assistance, saving you crucial energy for getting things done. An electric bike can provide you with either exercise or relief, all while saving you money on gas.

Commuter Bikes

Commuter bikes are comfortable, upright bikes that can allow you excellent situational awareness while biking to work. Commuters are generally lightweight and vertical riding for a smooth, safe trip.

Hybrid Bikes

For those who prefer versatility, hybrid bikes have a combination of city and off-road features. If you ever plan on traversing dirt trails or park paths for your commute or weekends off, hybrids are probably your best bet.

City Bikes

City bikes are stylish, vintage models that rival commuter bikes in form and function. City bikes are ideal for attaching bags and any other add-ons you may need.

Biking To Work During The Fall/Winter In Philadelphia

Though Philly was one of America's first great cities, it isn't many people's first choice for winter weather. While fall and winter in Philly aren't as brutal as, say, Chicago, you should still bundle up before heading out.

For most, the key to success in the colder months is layering. Wearing multiple layers allows you to remove those you don't need to avoid sweating while adding layers when you need to add heat. Covering exposure points with gloves and gaiters is also important, as moving swiftly dramatically increases wind chill. Though ice buildup is generally minimal on well-traveled city bike paths, you should always keep extra aware of your surroundings during especially cold times.

Philly is a great place to bike to work. By planning your route carefully and dressing for the weather, you can make the best of the city's bike-friendliness. In the same way planning is important, you should equip yourself with the best possible bike and gear for your intended purposes. Sixthreezero ebikes, commuters, hybrids, and city bikes are among the best available options for commuting. Shop today to see our many commuter-friendly models.


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