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Best Bikes For Commuting To The Beach

Updated On: June 28, 2022

Enjoying beautiful scenery is one of the greatest joys of biking. Whether you prefer a cruise through the park or cycling through the city, your surroundings offer an engaging backdrop for a fun ride. If you’re lucky enough to live in a coastal area, the beach probably tops your list of preferred biking areas. Few other settings offer the calm natural beauty that can be found in the ocean. If you’re planning on commuting to the beach via bike, though, you want to make sure that you’ve got the best bike for the job.

What Is a Beach Cruiser?

If you’re wondering what kind of bike is best for the beach, any model called a “beach cruiser” is predictably well-suited. What exactly is a beach cruiser, though? This type of bike is designed to facilitate the rider’s upright posture. It also typically features balloon tires and a drivetrain with only a single speed. These features lend the bike an impressive degree of stability, but they also make it slower than other types of bikes. For this reason, it’s popular amongst casual cyclists — or, as the name suggests, “cruisers.”

Men’s Beach Cruiser

Men’s beach cruisers combine all of the aforementioned features of the cruiser-style bike with a frame that’s designed specifically for a male rider. Men’s bikes typically feature a bigger frame in order to accommodate men’s usually-larger bodies. They aren’t simply bigger, though — they are designed differently, too, to allow for riders with a longer torso, broader shoulders, and bigger hands.

Women’s Beach Cruiser

A beach cruiser designed for women, by contrast, is made to accommodate a rider with smaller hands, longer legs, and a shorter torso. Typically, a women’s beach cruiser will also be smaller and more lightweight than a bike made for a male counterpart. Regardless of the gender it is intended for, beach cruiser bikes are typically low maintenance and easy to ride, making them ideal for bike beginners and cycling pros alike.

Best eBikes for the Beach

There are many different types of eBikes on the market, and most of them are incredibly well-suited to the beach. eBikes allow the user to exert themselves only as much as they’d like, so a beachside ride can be a casual cruise or a mini-workout — it’s up to you! The best eBike for the beach is any model that’s designed to fit the rider’s body. Too many eBikes are sold as one-size-fits-all models, and an ill-fitted bike can do more harm than good.

Best Beach Bikes for Beginners

eBikes are also ideal for beginner bicyclists because of the remarkable versatility they provide. Although riding a bike doesn’t require a great degree of technical skill, it can be physically laborious — even when riding on easy terrain like a path on the beach. An eBike may be the best bike for a beginner because it allows riders to control the level of effort they apply.

Affordable Beach Bikes

You can find affordable beach bikes at various shops and online stores, but rather than looking for the cheapest bike, you should look for the bike that’s the best investment. Though most bikes only come in men’s and women’s sizes, bike sizing should never be considered standard for all riders. On the contrary, investing in a bike that’s designed for you and your unique dimensions can massively improve your riding experience.

Bike Safety and Precaution for the Beach

Beaches are one of the safest places you can ride your bike, but there are still some basic precautions you should take in order to avoid injury. As always, you should wear a helmet, and you should also be on the lookout for pedestrians who may pose a collision hazard.


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