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Best Bike Warranties of 2022

Why Compare Bicycle Warranties?

These days, many people find it tempting to save money by buying cheaper products. Still, it's easy to see examples of the various ways that investing in quality saves money in the long run.

For instance, an old beater of a car will probably require more expensive and inconvenient repairs than a newer model. In contrast, newer vehicles with full warranties attract customers who want to invest in reliable and hassle-free transportation. Likewise, cyclists can find plenty of poorly designed "bargain" bikes that won't perform as well or for as long as expected.

High-quality bicycle manufacturers and retailers will offer warranties that will guarantee quality workmanship and an offer to make things right if products don't live up to expectations. Thus, a good warranty can assure customers that the company stands behind the bikes that they sell and stays in business by serving customers well.

Why High-Quality Bicycle Warranties Matter

Among other things, the pandemic sparked fresh demand for bicycles. Forced to social distance and unable to visit gyms, people have turned to bikes as a source of transportation, fitness, and fun. In addition, strained budgets and growing environmental concerns have encouraged many to replace motor vehicle trips with bicycling trips. Buying a good-quality cycle from a reputable manufacturer helps cyclists enjoy all of the benefits of their investment.

Sadly, many low-quality, budget manufacturers rushed in for a share of the booming market. Several publications released stories about the flood of cheap bikes that appeared "designed to fail." The NYC Streets Blog summarized the problem by calling it a "budget trap" and arguing that these discount-store bikes suffered from poor engineering and low-grade materials. Even worse, they frequently come from the efforts of exploited labor.

Thus, the cheap bikes didn't stay cheap. They generally required repair or became damaged beyond repair within a short time. Because of their poor performance, these bicycles also did not help their owners gain affordable, pollution-free transportation and exercise.

In other words, poor-quality bikes with little warranty protection can cause more problems than they solve.

The Best Bicycle Warranties in 2022

Cyclists of various economic means should understand the value of guaranteed quality. A good warranty ensures customers will receive a product that performs as advertised or gets compensated if it doesn't. No matter the size of the household budget, nobody wants to risk disappointment, waste money, or experience hassles after investing in a decent bicycle.

Besides, supporting manufacturers and retailers that offer good value helps the industry and other cyclists. With those incentives in mind, consider top bicycle warranties in 2022 from several bicycle manufacturers with a good reputation for quality and customer service.


SixThreeZero offers a one-year test ride for all of the components of their standard bikes. This generous guarantee means that customers can return their bikes for a refund within one year of delivery if they don't love the experience for any reason.

This established bicycle company couldn't have made this offer if they didn't expect the overwhelming majority of their customers to fall in love with their bikes. To properly use this warranty, customers should register their newly delivered bikes the day they receive them.

The one-year warranty doesn't include bicycle frames. That's not because SixThreeZero failed to stand by their bike frames! SixThreeZero's one-year warranty doesn't include frames because they offer a lifetime warranty on the steel frames and a two-year warranty for aluminum frames.

SixThreeZero will provide customers with a lifetime warranty for all components but the tires for a relatively modest charge. Read more about the SixThreeZero bicycle warranty and the optional Forever Warranty here.

SixThreeZero conventional cycle owners can just call customer service to work with them on the best way to get prompt repairs. As for the minimal fine print on a SixThreeZero bicycle warranty:

  • The warranty covers problems that occur during everyday use and not accidents, vandalism, and so on.
  • The warranty also won't cover flat tires or routine adjustments.
  • For simple parts, like bike seats, SixThreeZero will mail a replacement.
  • SixThreeZero will mail the parts and reimburse customers for service at a local bike shop for more complex problems.
  • They may allow customers to take the bike to a bike shop and let the shop handle acquiring parts and repairs.
  • SixThreeZero covers shipping for either the one-year test ride, the one-year warranty, or the optional lifetime warranty.

What About Warranties for SixThreeZero E-Bikes?

SixThreeZero offers a 90-day, inclusive warranty on the battery and motor of their electric bicycles. Otherwise, this bicycle company warranties other components for two years and provides a lifetime guarantee on the frame. See the full details on the SixThreeZero conventional and electric bicycle warranty here.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz also offers a lifetime warranty on bicycle frames, including forks. The bike company also extends this lifetime guarantee to handlebars, bearings, carbon wheels, and bottle cages. Santa Cruz also promises to provide parts at a reduced price to original customers with issues not covered by the warranty.

Even though many cyclists positively mention Santa Cruz bicycles and warranties, the warranty doesn't cover labor. Also, for most bike components, they only offer a reduced price as a remedy for issues. Learn more about the Santa Cruz bicycle warranty here.


Canyon offers a six-year warranty for frames, forks, and other Canyon-made parts. The company generally requires customers to send the defective part back before approving coverage, but Canyon will pay for postage and send packing materials. Components made by different manufacturers may have their own warranties.

This warranty stands out because of the crash replacement guaranteed. The company will replace damaged frames three years after purchase at a reduced cost. The company won't pay for labor or shipping for the crash replacement. See the full details of the Canyon warranty for bicycles here.


Trek offers a lifetime, limited warranty for frames and carbon wheels. They cover other components and accessories for two years. Unlike many bike companies, Trek even provides a three-year contract to new owners who purchased a used bike. The warranty only guarantees replacement parts, but it does not cover labor. See the full details of the Trek bike warranty here.


Giant's offers a warranty for any bicycles assembled by one of their authorized dealerships. The company accepts returns for 14 days for cycles in unused condition. Otherwise, Giant provides the original owner with lifetime coverage for the frame, and they cover other parts of the bike for one year. They will pay for labor for the first 60 days, but after that, the guarantee only extends to replacement parts. These remedies depend upon returning the cycle to the original dealer. Find out more about the Giant warranty here.

Do Bicycle Warranties Transfer to New Owners?

Most bicycle companies explicitly state that the coverage only applies to the original warranty. They emphasize the importance of registering the bike and keeping receipts. Some manufacturers even offer more extensive protection to people who buy directly from them than customers who purchase one of their new cycles from a reseller.

For instance, SixThreeZero charges more for a lifetime warranty for bikes purchased from an authorized reseller than for direct purchasers. They save money by selling directly, and charging less or offering more generous terms are ways they can pass savings to their direct customers.

A used or refurbished bike might look like a good deal, but it's a good idea to find out what kind of warranty the seller provides. For instance, some bike shops that repair high-quality, used bikes for resale may offer store warranties or return policies to ensure customers they're protected against defects. In the case of retailers, they may also offer their own in-store guarantees and returns.

In any case, buying a new bike from an authorized retailer or even buying a refurbished bike from a local shop might provide some customers with a way to own a high-quality, name-brand bicycle for less money. Just make sure the seller offers some protection to ensure the cycle arrives in good condition.

Does Homeowners Insurance Help Cover Bicycle Repairs?

Even though some people use the terms interchangeably, warranties and insurance policies don't work precisely the same. Like almost all manufacturer's warranties, bicycle warranties tend to focus on guaranteeing their products arrive free from defects and perform as advertised. No matter how carefully owners protect their cycles, they risk other sources of loss or damage from accidents, acts of nature, thefts, or vandalism.

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), typical renters and homeowners insurance bicycles should cover cycles against some of these threats under the personal property section. This coverage generally includes theft, fire, and other hazards listed in the insurance policy. These policies may also offer some medical and liability protection.

For insurance, keep a copy of the receipt, take a photo of the bike, and add these documents to a home inventory. Especially for more expensive bikes, contact the agent or insurer with questions about coverage. Insurers may also offer to add a rider for the bicycle, which will broaden coverage for more kinds of incidents. Some insurers also provide stand-alone bicycle insurance policies, which some bicycle owners might consider.

How to Compare Bicycle Warranties

Even after comparing a handful of examples of bike warranties from quality manufacturers, it's easy to see that these protection plans can vary as much as bicycles and manufacturers do. Prospective bike buyers should weigh the warranty in light of their own experiences with bicycles in the past and how they plan to cycle in the future.

Understanding these standard terms found in bicycle warranties will help bike shoppers learn how to compare various manufacturers' guarantees:

  • Lifetime warranty: Generally, this means that the warranty protection never expires so long as the original purchaser of a new bike owns the cycle. Bike warranties from manufacturers seldom transfer to new owners.
  • Crash protection: Most bicycle warranties only cover defects that cause premature failures, but some offer coverage if the bike gets damaged in an accident.
  • Authorization: Typically, warranties require customers to call, fill out an online form, or send an email to ask for approval. They may require proof of purchase, photos of the damage, or other information before authorizing replacement parts or labor.
  • Exclusions: Except for SixThreeZero's one-year test ride for conventional bikes, most warranties have a lot of exclusions. For instance, bike warranties usually don't cover damage caused by accidents or tires and tire tubes.

Most cyclists can replace a simple bicycle seat in a few minutes, but they will probably struggle with an entirely new frame. Also, some bicycle makers will only offer to send replacement parts, but others will cover labor. When covering the work for more complex repairs, some companies may require the customer to send the bike back to its own repair center, but others will reimburse customers for bills from a local bicycle shop. More flexible and hassle-free warranties will make a big difference when it's time to make a claim.

SixThreeZero Offers the Best Bicycle Warranties

The scope of warranties can often help customers understand the level of confidence that the manufacturer or retailer has in their products. By comparing warranties, it's easy to see that SixThreeZero has a lot of faith in its products and a commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. Start shopping for the perfect bicycle with the best bicycle warranty today.


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