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Best Beach Cruiser Bikes for a Relaxing Summer Ride

Updated On: June 19, 2023

If you like biking as much as we do, you're thrilled about all of the awesome options out there. From beach cruisers to commuters to hybrids, there are lots of styles and models to look at when considering which might be right for you.

What Is a Beach Cruiser Bike?

The beach cruiser is a stylish bike that rides easy on pavement or sand. Beach cruisers are available without gears or with up to seven gears or can be equipped with a motor. These augment riding options, allowing for increased distance and tackling hills without sacrificing comfort. Beach cruisers also features balloon tires, which are wider than standard tires and provide for a more comfortable ride.

What Are the Pros of a Beach Cruiser Bike?

When you think about the benefits of upright seating on your back, consider how professional cyclists ride. Upright seating takes the pressure off of your back and joints. This is one of the things that makes the beach cruiser so easy to ride. Adding to this comfort are a soft seat and ergonomic handlebars.

Beach cruisers are versatile and easy to use. They're perfect for riding in a leisurely fashion and can be equipped with front baskets and rear mounts for carrying your gear or groceries.

What To Look For in a Beach Cruiser Bike?

When shopping for a beach cruiser, you want a bike that provides comfort and the ergonomic support of upright pedaling. Even though this type of bike is designed for relaxed riding, you may want to consider gear configurations, especially if you'll be riding terrain with hills.

Electric Bike Beach Cruisers

Electric beach cruisers are versatile and made to ride in comfort on different terrains. The balloon tires help to soften the road and absorb bumps, which allows for riding not only on sand and in-town but also on trails. The motor can be a difference-maker for distance and especially if you're riding on hilly, uneven ground.


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