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Best 3 Wheeled Electric Bikes of 2023

If you have narrowed your electric cycling search to a 3 wheeled electric bike, also known as an e-trike, you might wonder how to begin your search. Manufacturers, retailers, and industry experts now have their focus set on 2023 electric trikes, so you might start your search with the latest models in mind.

A 3-wheel e-trike has three wheels to ensure stability. It also features an electric motor powered by rechargeable power batteries. Beyond that, the marketplace is brimming with exciting new options for you to consider. Some options have fat tires or better road grip, while others focus on being either ultra-comfortable, eco-friendly, speedy, or cost-effective.

Standard adult tricycles have become increasingly popular over the past few years. There are many reasons for this fun blast from the past. Many adults like adult trikes because of their safety and ease of use for exercise, errands, and daily commuting. And there is plenty of space for cargo, whether groceries, children, or pets.

It's a wonderful investment for anyone with any physical challenges, such as senior citizens who struggle with balance and stability. So, if you are a senior, have a disability, or simply fear riding a two-wheeled bicycle, an adult trike is a great idea.

Now add a motor, and imagine the possibilities of zooming around town and along your favorite paved bicycle path. Even if you plan to use your cycle for exercise, that's no problem. When you buy an e-trike, you can still exercise, but you can switch it up if you need a little extra power for hills or save yourself an unnecessary workout. Whether you are commuting to work and don't want to work up a sweat, or you are meeting friends at a local coffee shop, and you want to show up clean and fresh, a 3-wheeled bike is a perfect option.

Let's explore these electric trikes, and see what's coming out in 2023 that might work perfectly for you.

What to Look for in an Adult E-Trike

At SixThreeZero, our first recommendation when buying any bike is to ensure it is the perfect fit for you. Take time to get the proper sizing, and make sure your seller offers a one-year warranty for your benefit. 

Here are some top considerations to keep in mind when shopping for your e-trike: 

  • Construction Quality and Design. Search for an e-trike with a durable frame made from a material such as aluminum alloy. 
  • E-Trike Motor System and Speed. If you want to ramp up the speed, buying an e-trike with a powerful motor system is important. This is especially true for seniors or individuals with disabilities or those who are out of shape. It's good to know you have enough support to tackle the hills and give you a speed of 12-14 mph to get to your destination on time and safely. 
  • Battery. Search for an e-trike that has a battery that has a lower recharging time and longer running time. Ideally, you should be able to ride for 30-40 minutes per charge.
  • Safety and Security Features. Find an e-trike with high-quality hydraulic or rear disk brakes for easy application and quick and reliable function. Additionally, search for an electric tricycle with good suspension. 
  • Size, Style, and Portability. Choose from a classic, fat tire, or sport-style 3-wheel electric bike.

Our Picks for the Best 3 Wheeled Electric Bikes of 2023

We have come up with our three top 3-wheel e-bikes to give you an idea of what will be available for you as you start your new 3-wheeled adventures. 

Grandtan M-340 Electric Trike for Adults 

The Addmotor Grandtan has been around since 2017 in various incarnations as a multi-terrain e-trike, and the 2023 model is a must-add to this list. Featuring a 750W motor and an easily removable 960Wh battery, you can count on its powerful motor for fun and speedy travel.

The Grandtan's oil spring front fork and 80mm of travel, versus the 40mm of travel version, will help you ride over rougher terrains easily and with far less turbulence, thanks to top-tier shock absorption. Even better, the shock absorption is low-maintenance and made to take on everything from gentle dirt paths and sandy beaches to paved paths.

Here are some top specs and features:

  • Reaches 8 miles per hour 
  • Travels 40 to 85 or more miles on a single charge 
  • Rear cargo rack
  • A removable battery allows for indoor charging 
  • While good for some non-paved surfaces, not meant for off-roading 
  • Suitable for heavier adults and seniors with a total load capacity of 450 pounds
  • Priced in the low $3,000 range

Viribus 3 Wheeled Electric Bike for Adults 

The Viribus 3 wheeled electric bike features a 250W motor and a removable 36V 10Ah lithium battery. It offers lower power, but it makes up for its lack of power and speed with comfort and stability, making it ideal for seniors and individuals with injuries, disabilities, and other limiting conditions.

Here are some features we like that the Viribus offers riders:

  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Brakes on each wheel to provide a slow, smooth, and steady stop
  • 250W motor allows for speeds up to 15.5 mph in hybrid mode
  • Get 21.7 miles of distance per battery charge
  • User-friendly design of rear basket, featuring 2.3 cubic feet of storage space
  • LCD display provides e-bike battery alerts 
  • Detachable battery for convenient indoor recharging
  • Priced in the $1,000 range 

SixThreeZero Can Help You Find the Best E-Trike to Keep You Happy and Cycling!

Whether you want to buy our adult e-trike or another, our team would love to talk to you about your ideal 3 wheeled bike.

Contact us to chat about e-trikes or e-bikes in general or to order your EVRYjourney!


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