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Around the Block Women's vs. Hollandia Land Cruiser 26 Cruiser Bicycle

Two women’s beach cruisers that some people like to compare include the sixthreezero Around the Block and the Hollandia Land Cruiser 26 Cruiser Bicycle. These bikes seem similar on the surface, so it’s understandable that they might fall into a “finals” showoff when contemplating a new cruiser. But, there are differences to make note of.

If you’re debating between the sixthreezero Around the Block Women’s 26-inch Cruiser Bike and the Hollandia Land Cruiser 26 Cruiser Bicycle, consider the following:

Around the Block

The Around the Block is a women’s beach cruiser that also acts as a city cruiser. It’s a great bike for riding along the coast and it’s a perfect commuter ride. While many of our customers want a beach cruiser just for beach riding, some love the flexibility that our Around the Block offers.

In addition to taking beach paths and coastal streets with ease, the Around the Block can have you sailing smoothly on urban sidewalks and manhole-filled roads. It’s a comfort bike that can go with you in a variety of scenarios.

Enjoy it at the beach but then head to breakfast with it afterward. Or, skip the beach one day and just ride your Around the Block through the park. It rolls over grass well and it transitions nicely to fairly-smooth dirt roads. A mountain bike it’s not, but a well-designed and versatile every-day bike it is.

The Around the Block is all about comfort, but sixthreezero doesn’t take style lightly either. This bike is cool and sleek. It’s a beautiful ride that you can feel good on no matter where you go.

Hollandia Land Cruiser 26 Cruiser Bicycle

The Hollandia Land Cruiser 26 Cruiser Bike is a 6-speed women’s cruiser bike that features an aluminum frame and 2.215-inch whitewall tires. It offers a Shimano derailleur with thumb shifters as well as front and rear V brakes.

While made to be a versatile bike, some who have purchased this cycle mentioned that it’s a bit heavy. When you’re cruising down the coast or trying to take on city streets fluidly, keep in mind that weight is not something you’ll likely want to deal with.

The Hollandia Land Cruiser 26 Cruiser Bicycle also comes with artistic detailing on the frame, which some riders love and others wish they could remove. Because a bike is an extension of the rider, it makes sense that these flowery designs might not suit everyone.

If you’ve considered both bikes and aren’t sure which is the right bike for you, take the sixthreezero Around the Block for a test ride. We’ll let you return any women’s Around the Block bicycles, or any one of our other women’s bicycles for sale if it’s not the perfect bicycle for your lifestyle.

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