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Around the Block Women's Vs. Critical Cycles Chatham Beach Cruiser Women's

Often, a bike purchase will come down to deliberation between 2 bikes that seem to be ideal. If this is your situation and you’re considering the sixthreezero Around the Block vs. Critical Cycles Chatham Women’s Beach Cruiser, this review is for you.

While both bikes on the surface seem similar, one thing that sets our bikes apart is comfort. We’re not saying you won’t be comfortable on Critical Cycles Chatham Women’s Beach Cruiser, but the sixthreezero Around the Block Women’s 26-inch Cruiser Bike was made from the ground up to be a comfort bike.

Every aspect of our Around the Block, from design and parts to assembly and experiences, exudes comfort. This bike is crafted by bike riders, people who know what it takes to make a cycle that you feel good on for hours and that you want to keep riding even after a full day.

Around the Block

Out of all of sixthreezero’s women’s beach cruisers, the Around the Block may be our most popular cycle. It’s ideal for cruising the coast, giving you a smooth ride on the boardwalk and even lets you trek off on the grass for a bit. But smooth sailing on this bicycle continues as you commute to work after a morning ride, and grab groceries or run errands on the way home.

It’s an all-day, all-purpose bike that retains its cruising style and mentality anywhere you take it. Some of our customers say riding the Around the Block is like riding a couch on wheels. It’s that comfy!

The Around the Block features a 26-inch steel frame, 2.125-inch tires, and a cushioned saddle seat. It can be outfitted with a bike basket, cup holder, phone holder and a rear rack to carry a backpack or briefcase.

Critical Cycles Chatham Beach Cruiser Women's

Critical Cycles’ Chatham Women’s Beach Cruiser also features a classic cruiser frame with a wide cushioned saddle seat. Its 26-inch tires are designed to give you a smooth ride, and its upright handlebars are made for relaxing riding. Like the Around the Block which aims at comfort, Critical Cycles’ Chatham Women’s Beach Cruiser offers 1-speed simplicity.

It comes in steel-frame construction and it has soft foam grips to help you avoid hand fatigue. The women’s step-thru frame makes getting on and off this bike pretty easy. Like our women’s bicycles for sale, Critical Cycles Chatham Women’s Beach Cruisers are priced affordably.

It has some great features going for it. What it doesn’t have is our design team creating a cycle that is carefully thought out to be the perfect pleasure ride. Want to experience one of our women’s Around the Block bicycles or any of our women’s beach cruisers? Buy one and take it for a test drive. If it’s not the right bicycle for you, just return it to us and we’ll help you find the right fit.

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