Advantages Of A Step-Through Beach Cruiser Frame

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December 30, 2016
Advantages Of A Step-Through Beach Cruiser Frame
Advantages Of A Step-Through Beach Cruiser Frame

There was a time in the past when men’s and women’s bikes were shaped differently to reflect the ways the different genders used their two-wheelers. Women’s bikes were designed with the lower, step-through frame for ease of use, so they didn’t have to swing their leg (and their skirt) up in the air to get on a bike. The men’s beach cruiser frame, meanwhile, was built for more rigorous use, with the square construction meant to bolster the frame during leaps and jumps and landings that men, as they were wont to do, exacted on their bike.

A lot has changed since those days, both in terms of gender roles and bike construction, and so, too, have the uses for the two designs.


So really, it comes down to a matter of comfort, whether you are a male or a female, because not all women’s bikes technically are step-through affairs. And that is the main advantage of having a step-through beach cruiser frame. Simply put, a bike with a step-through frame makes it easy to get on and off. Consequently, this is the better option for those who want that accessibility, as it is for those who are limited physically in some way, whether due to injury or age, and the primary reason you very often see step-through beach cruiser bike frames for sale. See sixthreezero’s collection of beach cruisers.

And about that aforementioned skirt, feel free to wear it with a step-through beach cruiser frame. In addition, fashion-wise, there is less risk of stretching or ripping your clothes while on this bike, which means you can wear almost any type of clothes while doing so. And extrapolating that further, it means you can use this bike as transportation on a greater variety of occasions. See sixthreezero’s array of step-through bikes .


Aside from the fashion benefits it provides, step-through beach cruiser frames also make it easier to mount and dismount them. This makes them a great option for bicycle delivery people, who are in demand in many urban areas in the United States, or anyone who has to get on and off their bike frequently.

Finally, for those rare times when you lose your balance because of owner error or as a result of having too much fun at the company picnic, step-through bikes make it easier to protect yourself going down or to avoid a fall altogether by allowing you to quickly swing your legs off the bike and out of harm’s way.

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