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Adult Tricycle Buying Guide 2022: How To Choose, Trends & Cool Features

Updated On: July 6, 2023

If you still yearn to get out on two wheels, but you are concerned for your safety and balance, an adult tricycle could be your ticket to increased mobility and freedom. Imagine leaving your house on a sturdy bicycle and cruising through the neighborhood or to a nearby park. You could even head to the community retail center and buy groceries or other items. A solid choice of adult tricycles for 2022 lets you choose the ideal model for your personal needs.

Best Tricycle For Adults

Whether you are just getting back into cycling or have been an avid cyclist for a long time, you know that the right bike makes a huge difference. When looking for the best adult tricycles, you want to consider several important features:

  • An easy step-through frame for getting off and on the bike
  • An ergonomic frame for maximum comfort
  • A pedal-forward construction for improved stability
  • A comfortable riding position for less stress on knees and lower back

Sixthreezero has the right adult tricycle bike that includes all of these features. You can also choose the number of speeds in the derailleur system as well as your choice of colors. The best bike is the one that most closely fits your wish list.

Both the EvryJourney Tricycle and the Body Ease Tricycle come in 7-speed models and have room in the back for a basket to carry essential items. They also feature hand brakes that give you the power to stop quickly and safely.

The EvryJourney 250W e-bike gives you the option of a power assist on every outing. You can also customize any bike you choose by adding front and rear lights, bells, water holders and more.

Choosing the Right Size Tricycle

When you are considering the right adult tricycle for sale for 2022, you want to make sure you get the most precise fit possible. A bad fit can decrease your enjoyment of riding and lead to unnecessary aches and pains. This could counteract all of the physical and emotional benefits you get from being out in the sunshine and getting exercise.

By using the Body Fit online tool, you can match the bike to your body size and your riding frequency. By answering questions about your weight and height, your arm length and leg length, you can match the bike model with your preferences. This ensures you are not considering a bike that is not the best fit for you.

Once you choose a tricycle, you can always take it down to your nearest bike shop. They can tweak the seat height and other features to make sure you get the most out of each pedal stroke without straining your knees.

Where To Take Your Tricycle in the Winter

If you live in a colder climate, you might want to consider a bike-friendly getaway. This allows you to get in more miles during the winter and to enjoy the many benefits of bike riding. 

Any location that offers paved surfaces free of snow and ice is a good place to start. States such as Florida, Arizona, California and Texas provide many opportunities to get out on three wheels. Looking for a bike trail or pathway can provide many hours of riding. These trails are possible choices to take your tricycle:

  • The Trail de Paris in northeast Texas for easy riding on a paved trail
  • The White Lake Rock Trail near Dallas for many sights
  • The Mission Bay Trail in San Diego for ocean views
  • The Shark Valley Loop in the Everglades for wildlife

With the right bike, the world is more fun and exciting. Shop now to get your dream ride for 2022.


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