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A Workout Plan For Bike Riders

If you want to get back into shape, and are not into the wear and tear of running, and don’t have a pool at your disposal, biking is the perfect alternative. Simply find the best cruiser bike for your riding style, and you can do a workout at any time and get into shape in short order. All you have to do is concentrate on three facets of biking—speed, skill, and endurance--and watch your health and stamina improve.

Speed Workouts

As with any type of exercise, doing a workout that emphasizes speed is actually a way of building strength and endurance. The more taxed your muscle fibers are in a short period of time, the more they break down and reemerge bigger and stronger, while your lungs increase their capacity to breathe. If speed is your thing, then you will want a lightweight road bike that allows you to move quickly with the most efficient pedaling possible. Take a tour of sixthreezero’s extensive selection of road bikes and city hybrid bikes here.

The Best Cruiser Bike Skill Workouts

These workouts can be as simple, or complex as you’d like, from weaving around pedestrians, to maneuvering on off-road dirt paths, so you can tailor them to your bike riding style and environment. For instance, if you are a beach dweller and do most of your biking on paths along the sand, an urban beach cruiser would be the perfect match for you. If, on the other hand, you are a city dweller who does your biking on urban thoroughfares, you might want to opt for a city hybrid bike. Luckily, sixthreezero has a great selection of both of these kinds of bicycles. Check out their bikes here.

Endurance Workouts

These workouts sound grueling, but they only require that you push yourself to bike a little longer or further as you progress. The great thing is, they can be whatever you want them to be, based on your riding style and preference of environments. For instance, if you are a beach guy or gal, and want to stay close to the waves, you can use your urban beach cruiser. If you are a city person who appreciates some off-road trips, by all means hop on that city hybrid bike. Regardless, sixthreezero has the best cruiser bike for you. Find your perfect bicycle for your endurance workout.

The best part of bicycling as a sport or hobby is that you always control how and where you bike, and never need more than your precious two-wheeler to make it happen. With sixthreezero, you can always find the best cruiser bike at a great price.


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