Does sixthreezero Have a Cruiser That Would Work for a Young Boy?

March 22, 2017
Does sixthreezero Have a Cruiser That Would Work for a Young Boy?
Does sixthreezero Have a Cruiser That Would Work for a Young Boy?

There’s just something about seeing the joy on the face of a child riding his or her new bike. Unfortunately, kids grow fast and their bikes need to grow with them. Is your boy looking for a cruiser bike? sixthreezero has a variety of bikes to choose from in sizes that will be comfortable for your kid, and in styles that they can be proud of.

Does sixthreezero Have a 3 or 7 Speed Cruiser That Would Work for an 11 Year Old Boy?

Our 26 inch bikes are ideal for anyone between 5 and 6 feet tall. With a variety of bikes to choose from with 3 and 7 speeds, there are plenty of options to fit the style of any 11 year old boy. Some of our top picks for a boys cruiser bike:

  • EVRYjourney - If you are looking for a smooth riding, 7 speed bike, the EVRYjourney would be a great option.
  • In the Barrel - Is your child at least 5’4”? Our In the Barrel is a great bike. If a handbrake is on your wishlist, check out the 7 speed option.
  • Around the Block - Looking for simplicity and comfort? The Around the Block bike is a great go-to for any youth.

sixthreezero cruisers are durable, comfortable and fit the needs of any style you may be looking for. If your son or daughter has outgrown their current bike, it might be time to take a look at some of these great options.

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