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8 Ways To Make Bike Commuting Easier

Riding a bike to work can be an all-around win. It saves money, keeps you out of traffic, serves as your daily workout and offers some peaceful personal prep time for the day. But, if a ride isn’t well planned, it can lead to disaster instead of an easy breezy time.

Here are 8 biking to work tips to make your commute easier:

  1. Organize, Organize, Organize

Instead of trying to throw all of your essentials together in the morning, and make sure you and your bike are geared up and ready to go, organize your ride the night before. Check your bike’s tires and chain, pack clothes if you need to change and have everything you need for the next day packed by the front door. It helps to make a standing list that you can alter as appropriate. Also, remember to charge all of your devices before you go to bed.

  1. Test Out Your Ride

If you haven’t ridden your route before, test it out at least once so you don’t meet any surprises. Make a trial run to gauge the roads, typical weather and other factors that can pose potential problems. Check your journey to see if all roads seem safe, especially if you’re riding before the sun comes up or after dark. The benefits of riding to work can be negated by one bad experience, so ensure you feel fairly confident in your trip.

  1. Check the Forecast

Before each ride, look at the daily forecast, including the weather predictions for the time you plan to ride home. Download a weather app to your phone so you can check for any changes that are suspected or actually take place throughout the day. When inclement weather is predicted, you don’t always have to ditch your commute. Just be ready to leave a bit earlier or hang out for a while after work.

  1. Have a Backup Plan

Even if you’re diligent about checking the weather, anything can happen and you don’t want to get stranded. Think about how you’ll get to work or head back home if it starts raining or becomes too scorching hot for a ride. Consider the bus, Uber, a friend who has a roof rack or other options as contingency plans for anything unexpected. You also might want to bring a bike lock in case you need to stop somewhere unplanned. And, you should always have spare cash.

  1. Wear the Right Clothes

If you can’t ride comfortably and safely in your work clothes, change into them after you arrive at the job. Many commuters like to wear biking or workout gear for their ride, but you might prefer a pair of jeans or casual slacks. The key is being able to maneuver easily, keep garments out of your bike chain, and wear clothes that you won’t have to fiddle with while you’re riding.

  1. Always Have Coffee

Find an amazing, no-spill portable mug and attach a sturdy drink holder to your bike, and then brew coffee every morning to fuel up your ride.

  1. Gear Up Your Bike with a Rack

Affix a rear rack to your bike to hold your laptop, briefcase or other essentials. You might even want to invest in a waterproof storage case that fits securely in your rack and holds your daily necessities.

  1. Make Your Ride Flat Proof

Carry a tire pump and repair kit with you every day.

Of course, you should ensure that you have a good-quality and comfy bike, too. Our hybrid commuter bikes are perfect if you’re looking for the best bike for commuters. They’re some of the best city bicycles around. Some say they’re like a couch on wheels. Not a bad way to start the day, right?

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