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8 Fresh Takes On Bike Security

The National Bike Registry states that an estimated 1.5 million bicycles are stolen each year. Sadly, that number isn’t going down. To make sure your cycle doesn’t become a victim of theft, you need to think about bike security.

There are some great bike locks on the market. Unfortunately, the best bicycle locks aren’t cheap. But, they’re worth the investment because locks are one of the best tools you have for protecting your other investment – your beloved cruiser or hybrid bike.

If you plan on riding anywhere, from the city or your neighborhood to the beach or park, you’re better off if you lock your bike.

Check out these 8 fresh takes on bike security including some super high-tech locks and a pretty great bike tracking device:

  1. Skunk Lock

We have to start out our bike security guide with one of the most fun ways to catch a thief. The Skunk Lock is an ingenious U-shaped lock that releases super-noxious chemicals (vomit-inducing fumes) when tampered with. Imagine the scenario this lock produces. Thief tries to steal the bike by breaking the lock, activates Skunk Lock and is surrounded by a gross chemical formula that you can even detect through a gas mask. This will wise up a criminal if anything will. Don’t worry about accidentally activating the rotten smell yourself. It’s buried deep within the lock, which is pretty tamper-proof to begin with.

  2. TiGr Mini

TiGr’s Mini lock was a successful project on Kickstarter and it’s a real gem. These bike locks weigh less than 1 pound and are made from titanium. They are ultra-strong, have a push-button lock feature and are pint-sized so they are easy to carry around.

  1. LiteLok

LiteLok forgoes the steel frame that’s popular with many bike locks and instead uses a “Boaflexicore” patented material for a lightweight but strong design. It’s an impressive lock that has earned Gold certification from Sold Secure, an independent bicycle security company.

  1. Noke U-Lock

The Noke U-Lock takes Noke’s innovative padlock design and smartens it up even more. This technology-focused bike lock can search for your mobile phone via Bluetooth when you push a button. Once it finds you, it unlocks. You can also unlock your bike through the Noke app.

  1. Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini

Another fun bike lock for the name alone, the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini is one of the toughest bike locks to get through. It’s small and easily portable, but it’s made from pure, triple-heated hardened steel and it features an 18-inch shackle that no one will be able to penetrate with bolt cutters.

  1. ABUS Bordo 6000A Lock

This 5-millimeter hardened-steel lock is a specialized bike lock that’s virtually impenetrable. The ABUS Bordo 6000 includes a 100-decibel alarm, which sounds for an unrelenting 15 seconds if anyone tries to bust it.

  1. Hiplok Gold

The Hiplock Original has become something of a fashion statement and the Hiplock Gold (a Gold-certified lock rated by Sold Secure) is looking to beat it out in popularity. This 10-millimeter steel lock is nearly impossible to penetrate. It’s easy to wear around your waist and it doubles as reflective wear.

  1. Sherlock GPS Bike Tracker

The Sherlock GPS Bike tracker is an invisible GPS anti-theft bike device that can serve as your primary bicycle security system. It also makes a great back up in case you forget to lock your bike. Tip #1. Make sure to register bike. You can interact with this GPS based anti-theft system via a mobile app.

Know you need a lock but don’t know how to lock your bike properly? All bike owners should take the 10 minutes necessary to learn how to lock their bike so their best friends like the sixthreezero Teal Single Speed Women's 26" Beach Cruiser Bike or sixthreezero Classic Edition 3 Speed Women's 26" Beach Cruiser Bike don’t get stolen.

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