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8 E-Trikes Seniors NEED for Added Mobility This Summer

According to Electric Bike Association statistics, the most eager purchasers of e-bikes have been over 45, over 55, and even over 65. Indeed, adults over 60 have become surprisingly enthusiastic e-bike buyers, even though plenty of younger riders also enjoy them for their utility. That news should not uprise many people. After all, this older age group also contributed to a significant bicycle boom as teens and young adults.

As these cyclists aged, they found the motors on electric bikes contributed to their continued mobility. Thus, adding an electric motor to make the vehicle more versatile looks like a natural transaction for aging people. An electric tricycle offers an even better solution for many seniors because three wheels can make these e-trikes more stable and easier to balance. Plus, three-wheeled electric bikes generally have space for baskets and bags, making them a practical mode of transportation too.

Of course, many seniors want to help preserve the environment for their children and grandchildren. The clean, energy-efficient motor on an electric tricycle helps with this too! Many of today's e-trike shoppers have never tried a bike with a motor, battery, and pedal-assist mode. Thus, it can help to look at this comparison of several of the best e-trikes for adults over 60 to help inform comparison shopping.

How Electric Trikes Offer Seniors Mobility

Electric, three-wheeled bikes offer seniors an excellent option for improving mobility. Plus, riding an electric trike is even easier than riding a bike! Consider the top reasons why it might be time to trade in two wheels for three:

  • Accessibility: Manufacturers make these e-bikes easy to use. Three-wheeled trikes won't tip over when they're not moving. Plus, step-thru frames and ease of mounting, stopping, and starting mean that almost anybody can safely ride one. It is important to find a model that accommodates your body type. There are many different tricycle versions available.
  • Versatility: An e-trike offers a good solution for people who want to use their vehicle for shopping, exercising, or socializing. Most models handle well on paved streets and dirt paths or flat terrain and hills. These vehicles also have ample space for baskets and bags to transport cargo.
  • Stability: Even people who can't ride a two-wheeled bike should have little trouble balancing on three wheels. E-trikes don't tip over when entirely stopped as unbraced two-wheelers do. Anybody who feels uncomfortable balancing on two wheels should consider switching to three.
  • Range and speed: The motor makes it possible to ride longer distances, even over hills, without tiring. It can also propel the vehicle faster than pedaling alone. Plus, users can charge the e-bike battery at a standard outlet in their home or office or buy an extra battery to carry on long trips.
  • Comfort: Modern electric tricycle manufacturers design comfortable e-trikes with wide seats, padded grips, and ergonomically designed frames. Seniors will want to ride longer when they have a comfortable e-trike. Even older people who suffer from physical aches and pains or a loss of flexibility will find these e-trikes a joy to operate.
  • Cost: Quality e-bikes cost less and offer a more flexible transportation option than most senior vehicles, like mobility scooters. Riders can charge the battery at any standard outlet, and the batteries only need a few cents worth of power per charge. Electric trikes also cost much less than gas-powered cars or EVs to buy and use.

Most e-tricycles for adults over 60 feature three power modes. That means cyclists can rely on pedal power alone, pedal with power assist, or only use the motor without pedaling by pushing or twisting a throttle. Easy-to-reach controls and displays make electric cycles easy to operate too.

Most e-trike riders tend to favor power-assist mode because they can enjoy beneficial exercise while getting a helpful push from the motor. Pedaling also helps preserve battery life to extend the vehicle's range. Thus, a priceless benefit of riding an e-tricycle includes enjoying beneficial exercise and sunshine without strain or sore muscles and joints.

The Top Eight E-Trikes for Adults Over 60

As the market for electric tricycles has boomed, so has the number of manufacturers offering this type of transportation. Some companies rushed to put products on the market without spending time on the design to ensure they satisfied their target market. Thus, seniors should shop carefully to purchase an e-trike from a high-quality manufacturer that puts their customers first.

We focused on the most critical factors to develop this list of the top electric trikes for seniors. These include ease of use, stability, quality, and comfort. To find the perfect balance of quality, accessibility, and price, consider these eight outstanding electric tricycles for seniors.

#2: Addmotor Grandtan E-Trike 750W

An Exceptional Electric Trike for Seniors

The Grandtan E-Trike from Addmotor shares some features with the EasyTransit from SixThreeZero. For instance, the Addmotor electric tricycle looks similar and also packs a 750W motor. However, the Moton does not fold up for storage. In addition, it also costs several hundred dollars more than the EasyTransit.

The Grandtan offers a smaller size range than the EasyTransit, but it's close. This model accommodates riders from foot two to six foot four who weigh up to 350 pounds. The padded seat comes with a backrest for extra comfort. Relatively small fat tires provide plenty of stability for streets or even sandy beaches. In addition to the 350-pound capacity for cyclists, this trike can handle another 100 pounds of cargo and offers generous cargo space with a rear and front basket.

Also, the manufacturer says the battery can provide a range of up to 85 miles in its slowest power mode. Actual results will depend upon the terrain type, load weight, and in some cases, the weather. For instance, electric batteries don't perform as well in extremely cold weather. In any case, the Addmotor Grandtan E-Trike offers a luxurious choice for seniors who want to enjoy greater mobility while having fun.

See the Addmotor Grandtan on Sale for $2,999.

#3: Aboron Electric Trike for Seniors

An Affordable 7-Speed Cruiser E-Trike

This cruiser-style electric tricycle comes with a set of three 24-inch wheels, making it most suitable for riding on paved roads. Buying spares's also more convenient if all tires are the same size. The Aboron has a seven-speed derailer for pedaling power up and down inclines. The large basket between the rear tires can carry plenty of supplies or groceries, and a step-thru frame makes the Aboron relatively easy to mount or dismount.

Adoron provides a 350W motor with this model, making it somewhat less powerful than the two models described above. Still, the manufacturer says it can carry up to 350 pounds, though heavier riders may not enjoy the same performance as they would with electric trikes with more power. Handlebar and seat adjustments can suit riders between four feet eleven and five feet eleven.

The bike features a digital display and handlebar controls, making running it easy to master. This budget-friendly three-wheel e-trike for adults over 60 makes a decent choice for a starter model, though it may not offer the power and range of some other options.

See the Aboron E-Trike on sale at Amazon, starting at $999.

#4: M-360 Semi-Recumbant E-Trike

A Strain-Free, Semi-Recumbent Electric Trike

Some older people suffer from achy joints. Thus, many manufacturers develop e-bikes with designs intended to relieve as much strain on backs and joints as possible. Truly recumbent bikes put the rider in an almost prone position, relieving joint stress and allowing for a relaxed seated position. At the same time, the low seated position of a fully recumbent bike reduces visibility, making it less safe. Cyclists have a more challenging time seeing. Worst of all, drivers and other cyclists may not look down to spot them.

Thus, recumbent bikes have never enjoyed the popularity of those with upright seated positions.

A semi-recumbent e-trike, like the M-360, compromises by positioning the cyclists more upright than a fully recumbent frame. At the same time, the design lets cyclists lean back on the backrest, making the ride more comfortable for some folks. Not everybody enjoys riding in a seated-back position, but those who like recumbent bikes may feel satisfied with the compromise.

This Addmotor e-trike has a 750W motor and can carry up to 380 pounds. Twenty-inch fat tires and a broad seat offer shock absorption. Also, the bike adjusts to fit bikers from five feet six to six feet six inches tall. A basket on the back provides space for essentials. Any cyclists who enjoy a recumbent bike but prefer greater visibility should consider this high-quality e-trike.

View the Addmotor M-360 Semi-Recumbent E-Tricycle on Sale for $2,999.

#5: Rungu Dualie

A Solid Etricycle Made For On- and Off-Road Travel

The manufacturers designed the Rungu Dualie for off-road riding with outdoor activities, like hunting, in mind. Thus, the company did not start out to make a vehicle targeted at older riders. Unlike most e-trikes for adults, this model has one tire in the rear and two in the front. This design offers a quiet and stable ride over mountainous terrain.

Some active adults over 60 still enjoy more extreme sports. This bike could prove too much for many older cyclists, but a few rough riders might enjoy this option. Still, people also find riding on the street or along bike paths very comfortable. Experienced riders can even traverse stairs.

The cycle can carry up to 300 pounds, and according to the manufacturer, the 1,120W motor climbs hills like a goat! Front and rear hydraulic brakes will also ensure quick stops, no matter the incline. This e-trike even has a parking brake. The motor can run as far as 130 miles between charges on flat surfaces at relatively slow speeds. Expect a range of 20 to 30 miles on inclines and rougher surfaces.

Any cyclists who want a durable e-trike that can carry them almost anywhere should consider the Rungu Dualie. The engineers build each bike to order. Thus, shipping takes longer than it would for most e-bikes purchased online. This bike excels at many things but might be too much for first-time e-trike riders. Most casual bikers could find a cheaper and more traditional type of electric tricycle that suits their needs.

See the Rungu Dualie at EBikeGeneration for $4,399.

#6: RadTrike Electric Tricycle

Rad Power Bikes' Most Requested Model

Rad Power Bikes markets a popular line of e-bikes and e-trikes. The manufacturer says this electric trike generates more requests than any other product the company offers. This statement illustrates the growing popularity of e-trikes as much as the demand for this model. This electric trike isn't fully foldable like the EasyTransit E-Trike from SixThreeZero. Still, the handlebars fold down to reduce the clearance needed to store it in a closet or car trunk.

The 350W motor can run for as long as 55 miles on a charge and carry riders up to 325 pounds, with an extra 75-pound allowance for cargo. The ergonomic frame can accommodate riders from four feet ten to six feet four inches. The wide, padded seat also comes with a backrest for added comfort. A step-through frame, integrated lights, and a parking brake make this e-trike a decent choice for comfort and safe cycling.

Seniors who want a comfortable, safe ride on streets and pathways can order a bike that meets their requirements. This model comes with plenty of space between the rear wheels for storage. However, Rad Power Bikes offers baskets and other extra accessories as part of customization packages.

Check Out the RadTrike on Rad Power Bikes With a Base Price of $2,499.

#7: Viribus Electric Trike for Adults

A Budget-Friendly E-Tricycle for Adults Over 60

This electric trike looks familiar to anybody who grew up with traditional bikes. This steel-framed electric tricycle looks and feels more like a classic cruiser than many other models, but it comes with three wheels and a motor. The detachable battery lets you take it inside to charge, but it also locks securely to the frame when inserted. The seller also includes a metal basket on the back and an LED headlight in the front.

Some owners said the instructions for putting the e-trike together confused them, and they needed to visit a bike shop for help. On the positive side, the Viribus costs less than most e-trikes and has relatively good reviews from satisfied customers. Thus, this budget-friendly purchase can leave enough room for an assembly bill.

A 250W motor can provide power for cyclists up to 265 pounds. The seat post and handlebars adjust to fit riders from five feet three to six feet one in height. The 24-inch tires offer decent stability on paved roads. The Viribus' step-through frame should prove accessible for cyclists of the right weight and height for the bike. Casual riders who prefer a classic bike frame and would rather not pay more than $1,000 for an e-tricycle could consider this electric tricycle.

See the Viribus Electric Trike for Adults on Amazon for $899.

#8: Alton Mobility Electric Fat Tire Tricycle

A Rugged Yet Comfortable Fat-Tire E-Trike

Consumers know Alton Mobility more for producing mobility scooters than e-trikes. The company developed this fat-tire electric tricycle for older adults not ready for a senior scooter. Highlights of this adult tricycle include a 500W motor and fat tires that allow riders to travel city streets, golf courses, and winding paths with equal ease.

The aluminum alloy frame can carry up to 400 pounds and travel as far as 35 miles per charge. Commuters, shoppers, and travelers will enjoy the generous cargo basket between the rear tires. This e-trike also comes with a smaller basket mounted on the front.

Hydraulic brakes, a padded seat with a backrest, and an extremely sturdy design make this e-trike worth a look. Most active seniors will also find this model's low step-through frame accessible. Consider this durable e-trike for a comfortable and safe go-almost-anywhere vehicle.

View the Alton Electric Fat Tire E-Tricycle on Amazon for $2,599

Why Should Seniors Consider Buying an E-Trike Online?

Recently, eCommerce has boomed as many consumers discovered the convenience, selection, and ability to compare products and prices online shopping offers. Still, many older adults have grown accustomed to shopping in a local store and might have yet to consider buying an electric tricycle from an online vendor or manufacturer.

Customers can shop for e-trikes in several ways and should make purchases however they prefer. Still, buying online offers several benefits. In particular, shopping online for an electric bicycle or tricycle provides several advantages, including these:

  • Unlimited choices: Local e-bike shops typically favor certain brands of e-bikes and generally emphasize two-wheeled models. Thus, shops rarely have a large selection of e-tricycles. Shopping online can uncover dozens of high-quality models, even specialized e-trikes for seniors.
  • Home delivery: Many electric tricycles do not fit in a standard car trunk or hatchback. In contrast, online sellers will deliver the e-trike right to the front door, and many services will even put it in the garage. Generally, they ship their products in a way that makes assembly relatively simple, though customers are always free to hire a professional to perform and test the assembly. This is much easier than having to transport your tricycle home from a store.

How to Ensure a Satisfactory Online E-Trike Shopping Experience

Some older adults may feel uncomfortable shopping online for important purchases because they feel unfamiliar with the process and are less likely to trust a vendor they have little experience with. This brief guide will help ensure a satisfactory experience when buying an electric tricycle online.

Check Online Reviews

E-Tricycle retailers may sell from their websites or major eCommerce sites like Amazon. Either way, established sellers will have time to gather reviews that past customers have published online. These reviews offer an excellent opportunity to learn about other people's experiences with the service and product. Checking reviews from multiple sources lets shoppers know what to expect and prepare for potential pitfalls with the purchase.

View the Seller's Warranty and Return Policy

Even the best manufacturers and retailers make mistakes, and sometimes accidents happen beyond their control. That's why good sellers offer a sound warranty; some even provide their customers with a no-questions-asked period for a test drive. Check the warranty to ensure the company protects its customers with fair terms.

Understand the Assembly Requirements

Typically, e-tricycle sellers must ship their products only partially assembled. These companies should provide instructions. Sometimes, they even post instructional videos. Most buyers can complete the assembly with little hassle. Others partner with local bike shops or mobile assemblers who will visit the customer's home, usually for an extra fee. People with little experience with the mechanics of bikes should know what to expect.

Pay Attention to Fit

Manufacturers post weight limits for their bikes. They also publish a range of heights that should feel comfortable riding their e-tricycles. Generally, following this guidance will ensure a comfortable fit. However, some people with measurements near the end of the range may still not fit the bike because of their unique body proportions. A generous return policy can take care of any unexpected issues.

Decide How You Want to Use Your Electric Trike

People with no experience riding e-trikes or any electric bike should determine the best ways they will enjoy their enhanced mobility. In turn, these goals can help determine the best e-trike to purchase.

For instance, many seniors suffer from occasional aches and may not enjoy the limberness of their youth. They value comfort and the ability to take casual rides around their neighborhood, the park, or a shopping area. Some very active older adults might enjoy more challenges and want an e-trike they can use on different types of terrain or for outdoor sports. Others might use their e-trikes to commute or for work, so a street-friendly e-trike with lots of cargo space will suit them best.

Don't Forget Safety Equipment

Electric tricycle makers design their products to perform as comfortably and safely as possible. Still, nobody should confuse adult electric tricycles with toys. Start with essential safety gear, including:

  • Helmets: These vehicles travel 10 to 20MPH over hard pavement and other hard ground. Most importantly, an appropriate helmet can guard against head injuries. Some helmets also help with climate control and wind or glare protection. A few even include Bluetooth for communication or entertainment.
  • Water bottles: Water bottle cages can attach to the frame or handlebars. Buy a spare bottle or two to carry in the basket for long rides. In particular, older adults should ensure proper hydration while they exercise outdoors, especially on warm days.

Why Have E-Trikes Grown Popular With Older Adults?

This article covered several ways electric trikes can help seniors stay mobile. Engineers design them for stability and comfort. Thus, the features of a well-balanced e-trike spare achy joints and tired backs. E-bikes provide older adults with a chance to exercise by using pedals. At the same time, riders can also rely on the motor to provide an extra push and faster speeds. If the cyclists tire, they can always stop pedaling and only use the electric motor.

Beyond the ease and safety of riding, an electric trike can offer many other benefits.

Affordable Transportation

Gasoline-powered vehicles cost tens of thousands of dollars and take several dollars worth of gasoline to fill each time. Some e-trikes sell for less than $1,000, and few cost more than $3,000. Also, charging an e-bike battery costs pennies.

E-tricycle owners can charge their vehicles at any outlet. Even better, the users can remove the battery and easily carry it inside to charge. Of course, many companies make EV cars, but these vehicles require driving to special chargers or the expense of installing one at home.

Clean and Efficient Energy Use

Gas-powered cars and motorcycles emit toxic fumes and greenhouse gasses, plus the engines make a lot of noise. Electric tricycle motors run silently, so they don't contribute to noise pollution. Even better, these electric motors do not produce any emissions.

Typical e-trikes weigh from 40 to 80 pounds. In contrast, even the smallest cars weigh about 2,500 pounds. Thus, the smaller motors on these vehicles don't need to work so hard, and the cyclists add most of the weight. Therefore, an electric trike or bike offers a more efficient mode of transportation.

A Fun Way to Exercise

Most people started riding bikes to have fun and socialize with their friends. Numerous studies have found that electric bikes offer typical riders as much exercise as a standard bicycle. That's because cyclists tend to use these vehicles in pedal-assist mode. The rider still pedals, but they use the motor to add an extra push. Thus, e-bike and e-trike riders typically ride more often and take longer trips.

The fact that the bike's designers make these vehicles as comfortable as possible increases the incentive to use them more. Even better, scientists have found that exposure to natural sunlight can help improve moods. Thus, e-trikes offer the additional benefits of better mental and physical health. They also provide a chance to join riding groups or to start one in your neighborhood.

Balancing Made Easy

Most people do learn to ride bikes as children. However, many older adults suffer from balance issues because of illnesses or medication. Some adults never mastered balancing on two wheels. Even the most adept cyclists would have difficulty balancing on two wheels when carrying a heavy cargo load. Besides, any two-wheel bike will tip over when it's stopped.

People who don't feel comfortable balancing a bike can ride a trike. Three wheels add stability, so the cycle can stop without tipping over, even if the rider doesn't put their feet on the ground. Thus, many older adults find that a three-wheel electric trike suits them well, even if they used to ride on two wheels.

Start Enjoying a Fun Way to Enjoy Greater Mobility Today!

Older and younger cyclists can soundly invest in fitness, transportation, and fun by buying the best electric trike for their unique goals and needs. Get more exercise, save money, preserve the environment, and have fun.


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