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7 Ways Your Workouts Will Evolve In 2022

Updated On: March 23, 2022

7 Ways Your Workouts Will Evolve In 2022

The past two years totally transformed the world of fitness. Many gyms and fitness studios closed, and those that stayed open had to enforce heavy regulations like distancing, masking and extreme hygiene. Also, we experienced an influx of different digital platforms and a huge rise in demand for home workout equipment. So what might be waiting for us around the corner? Here are just some of the predictions on how workouts will evolve in 2022.

Restorative fitness Exercising to build muscle and lose weight is still popular, but more and more users are turning to fitness brands that put an emphasis on workout programs AND wellness offers. There are platforms like “The Work-In” that offer the users to engage in a serious mind-body conversation where the community can talk about different aspects of fitness like motivation, goals and mindset—those elements that happen away from the mat and weights. With scientific editorial content, fitness podcasts and guest speaker appearances, in 2022, it will be highly important how a brand makes people feel on the inside.

Fitness wearables In 2022, fitness wearable technology will continue to become better, more accurate and come equipped with more options. From simple activity trackers, new tech provides wearers with various health parameters on heart rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature, detect activity and irregular parameters, measure respiratory rate, etc. Since wellness is more important than ever, more and more people will become interested in these health metrics rather than simple activity measures and calories burnt. For instance, the new Amazon Halo View will provide users with insight into their sleep activity, mindfulness exercises, nutrition and more. It also works with Alexa so you can ask for daily reports on activity score, health score and mindfulness. It even analyses your voice and tells you how you sound to other people so you can improve the way you communicate!

Improved activewear Since we live in the time of Instagram and Snapchat, two platforms that focus on visual content, more and more fitness enthusiasts are recording their workouts or snapping their fits from the gym. The importance of functional activewear that also looks stylish and fitting is bigger than ever and is just predicted to grow in 2022. Even people who work out at home choose to dress up in their best tights, shorts, tops and hoodies to work out because it provides them with better motivation. What users will be focusing on is sweat-wicking fabric, seamless cuts for the best fit and interesting colors that will make them stand out from the crowd of workout selfies.

Smart drinks and supplements The demand for workout supplements decreased, mostly due to the COVID-19 pandemic that pushed many hard-core fitness people out of their gyms. However, the industry is starting to regain its strengths a little as people return to gyms. With the new age of the gym come new supplements that users can enjoy and their workouts easier and more effective. Since we’re all putting more focus on the quality of our exercises as well as our mental state while pushing hard, smart nootropic drinks are becoming more and more popular among fitness enthusiasts. These drinks not only offer refreshment between sets but thanks to Alpha-GPC, Huperzine-A, DMAE, Ginko Biloba and GABA ingredients, the drinker is provided with focus, mental acuity, concentration, memory and energy—everything you need for a top-notch workout.

“Fun” workouts As new generations enter the world of fitness and explore its offer, experts predict that there’s going to be a big shift towards a more intuitive approach to working out and moving your body. More and more people in 2022 will be seeking workouts that make them feel good and happy—and leaving those they don’t enjoy in the dust. With body positivity, the pressure is not on changing the body and using workouts as a punishment for eating a second piece of cake. Workouts will be approached from a standpoint of joy, happiness, mental stability and socializing, so “fun” workouts will gain more followers in the future. Think fun movements like jumping on a trampoline, roller skating, kickboxing, acrobatic yoga and LaGree Pilates.

Hybrid gym memberships As we all know, many gyms and fitness studios were forced to go digital in the past two years. This was not all bad, since now, they had access to many more people from all over the world. People gained access to top classes and trainers no matter where they were located. And in 2022, when we expect that more gyms will welcome their clients back, not everyone will be willing to go return to 100% in-person model. People in 2022 will give their loyalty to brands that are willing to meet all their demands and practice a hybrid work model that provides in-person services, as well as at-home workouts.

Fitness for gamers To please the younger population and make workouts more interesting and engaging, more fitness brands are approaching their programs from a gamer point of view. In 2022, straight exercise will still be relevant, but people will demand the use of gaming elements in their workouts—these keep them motivated and competitive so they can push themselves to the limit. And with Metaverse planning to expand into every industry, we can expect a huge influx of fitness/gaming applications in the future. The world of fitness is bigger and more profitable than ever, despite all the lockdowns and restrictions. But in 2022, we expect to see certain changes in the way people perceive and enjoy working out. All the upcoming trends are more than beneficial so be sure to adopt at least one or two.  


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