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7 Reasons Why Cycling Is Better Than Running

There’s much to love about cycling. From getting a great workout to meeting like-minded people, the hobby (or passion) beats out other forms of exercise and pastimes for many.

If you want to get more active and experience some incredible times, consider these 7 reasons why cycling is better than running in particular:

  1. You Build Endurance and Get Fit

Running may burn more calories per mile than cycling, but most people can’t get through as many miles on a run as they can when riding. If you’re out of shape at all, you’ll have an easier time working out and getting fit on a bike. Bicycle workouts for weight loss may be best just because of gravity. When you run, you have to lift your entire body weight up to propel yourself and then you hit the ground with a somewhat forceful impact. This causes more stress on the body and will tire you out sooner.

  1. Riding is Fun!

We carry the best bike for working out because riding is great exercise, but it’s also an enormous amount of fun! When you ride, you feel like you’re flying and all of the forces that propel you take you on the most amazing adventures. Who doesn’t like to experience traveling at insanely fast speed with the wind in your hair and on your skin? All of the pedaling uphill makes the downhill journey the thrill of a lifetime.

  1. The Places You’ll Go

Unlike running, most cyclists can trek for hours upon hours on their bikes. This means you can cover tons of ground and take in some astonishing sights, all in a pretty short period of time. Wonder why you don’t see too many runners traversing wine country or the like? It’s because biking is a preferred way to enjoy expansive scenescapes sans car.

  1. There Will Be Less Pain

Running beats up the body. It’s as simple as that. Even if you’re pushing pretty hard on your bike, you’re not going to feel the pain like you would if you were running. A study that compared training methods between runners and cyclists found that long-distance runners experienced substantially greater muscle damage and inflammation levels than cyclists during a 38-hour recovery period after exercising 2-1/2 hours a day for 3 days. Many riders who wonder “What muscles do bikes work?” find their answer after a good, long ride, and they’re not in pain when they discover the effects of their workout.

  1. You Can Tame Cravings

Researchers once believed that running suppressed cravings more than cycling, but new evidence shows that both cycling or running tames signals that encourage you to eat. This is important because if you’re exercising in an effort to lose weight, you don’t have to opt for running if it’s not something you love. You can have a great time on a bike and keep your body running even more optimally than during a run due to many factors including the fact that it’s simpler to pound out an hour of exercise on a bike.

  1. The Style Factor

You just look cooler riding on a bike, hands down.

  1. It’s a Sport to Grow Old With

As you age, it’s easier to keep up with cycling than it is with running.

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