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7 Best Electric Bikes for Shorter Women

As we roll into summer, the demand for electric bikes is really taking off. More and more women want a great electric bike, but for those of us who are… vertically challenged, shall we say… it can be hard to find a bike that fits comfortably and doesn’t feel like climbing a sheer rock face to get on and go. And no woman, petite or not, wants to be relegated to the kids’ bike section. No thanks. That’s why Sixthreezero has developed some awesome, grown-up electric bikes for short women that not only look fantastic but really make leaving the car behind for the day a very attractive option. This list includes details about electric bikes short women love to ride so that you can choose one that best fits your lifestyle.

Which Electric Bikes are Good for Beginners?

The EVRYjourney and Around the Block women’s bikes are especially good for beginners. The reason is that they’re designed for ultimate stability and ergonomics. They aren’t complicated to operate, and they are almost effortless to get on and go. And since they both adjust and accommodate riders as short as 5 feet, it’s a fantastic bike even for teens who want a stylish, but grown-up-looking electric bike for their self-transportation needs.

How to Choose an Electric Bike for You

There are three major considerations you should keep in mind when choosing the ideal electric bike for you. First, the fit is everything. Just to the right of this page, you’ll see a “FIT” panel. Click on that, and you can enter your details and find the electric bike or trike that will best fit your body type. Next, how will you use the bike? Are you just using it to cruise to the office or school every day? Do you want to ride hard, or easy? How experienced are you? Finally, consider the carrying power. If this will be your major form of transportation, make sure it has carrying capacity.

Why Trust Sixthreezero?

Sixthreezero has been building bikes for humans for nearly two decades now. With a beachfront style and the science of ergonomics and an environmentally-friendly passion, we’ve designed our bikes to be loved, ridden, and enjoyed effortlessly. Check out our expert bike advice, type your details into the FIT panel and be sure to shoot us all your questions at theteam@sixthreezero.


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