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6 Fun Tips For Exploring Your City On A Bike

The best thing about having the right bicycle is the multiplicity of potential uses it offers you, from commuting, to leisure, to exercise. In addition, though, your bike can be a way to help you think outside of the box, to do something you have never done before in your own city. Luckily, sixthreezero has a great selection of the best bikes for the city at great prices. Take the tour here.

Visit Museums and Art Galleries

Using your great city bike doesn’t have to always be work. In fact, sometimes it can contribute to a positively highbrow day, like helping you get to and from your destinations and park easily while visiting your city’s museums and art galleries.

Eat at a New Restaurant

You can offset some of the calories you take on at that amazing new restaurant you’ve wanted to check out, by using your cool urban bike to get there and come home. In addition, if you have to wait for a table, you can always take a little side trip instead of sitting around waiting for your name to be called.

Explore the Unknown

Your bike can take you anywhere, including those little-known, never-visited corners of your town that you never knew existed. Sixthreezero has the absolute best bikes for the city to make your exploration fun and easy. Check out some fun bike ride ideas .

Attend a Sporting Event

Why let those athletes be the only ones burning calories? Instead of driving and parking at the event, which often can mean sitting in traffic and paying exorbitant parking fees, make the trip your own by biking there.

Be a Tourist

It happens to all of us—we go everywhere in our city except where tourists in our city go. So why not break the mold and bike over to a few of the popular sites and see what all the fuss is about? Using one of those cool urban bikes from sixthreezero will make you feel as though you’re on vacation, too.

Play the Pot Luck Game

Plan to not plan by getting a group of friends, and your great city bikes, together and take turns choosing a random spot to bike to as your destination. It will keep things interesting and ensure some burned calories and fresh air.

Obviously, there is so much you can do on your bike, and it’s really up to you to decide. Similarly, the kind of bike you ride is also totally your choice when you tap into sixthreezero’s Customizer, which allows you to build the best bike for the city from scratch to your own specifications. See the bike customizer in action.

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