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5 Ways eBikes Offer Entry-Level Electric Transportation

Updated On: February 26, 2024

Politicians and ecologists are pushing people to begin transitioning to electric cars over gas-powered models. The push began several years ago as the threats of global warming and mass pollution were recognized. Unfortunately, the purchase of electric and hybrid cars is still unattainable for many people. Additionally, the infrastructure for such a transition is still only in the beginning stages. Because of the lack of monetary encouragement and practicality, electric cars are not taking off like many leaders would like. However, one electric mode of transportation is steadily gaining popularity and at exponential rates compared to cars: ebikes.

Why Electric Is the Future of Transportation

The environment requires drastic changes to curb the progress of global warming. One of the quickest ways to curb carbon emissions is to switch from gas-powered vehicles to electric means of transportation that rely on clean energy.

Using Ebikes as a First Step to Electric Commuting

When considering the biggest ecological impact in most developed societies, leaders focused on transportation. However, by focusing their energy on electric vehicles, governments and manufacturers quickly alienated most of the marketplace. Not many people can afford to purchase a brand new car to help the environment, especially when charging stations are not widely available.

Instead of putting all their energy into electric and hybrid cars, governments should have focused on ebikes as entry level electric transportation and commuter vehicles. There are several benefits to focusing on electric bikes as the start of an electric transportation shift.

Reasons To Start With Electric Bikes

When most people think of bicycles, they think of casual rides around the neighborhood or rugged treks through worn-out paths, but they typically do not think of a bike as a mode of transport or commute. However, electric bikes for transportation have changed the game, especially with the development of models with 30 to 70-mile ranges. As a result, more and more people are jumping aboard their ebikes to commute to work, school, grocery stores, etc. There are at least five reasons ebikes are the key to the electric transportation shift.

1. Affordability

Ebikes are more affordable than electric cars. You can find electric bikes for under $1,000, but even the pricier models tend to stay below $2,000 or $3,000.

2. Electric-Powered

An obvious but still worth noting notion, electric bikes do not require gasoline. Therefore, bikes do not contribute to the emissions problem the world is currently facing.

3. Replaceable Batteries

While some electric cars allow for battery replacements, the replacements can be incredibly expensive and require professional installation. Replacing a battery on an electric bike is not as costly or complicated.

4. Convenience

Ebikes also provide convenience, especially when navigating heavily congested areas like downtowns. In addition, electric bicycles can go anywhere a standard bike can go, meaning there is no shortage of parking, and the typical Monday morning traffic is a thing of the past.

5. Approachability

The affordable and familiar design makes an electric bike second nature for most adults. Additionally, even if you are not comfortable with a two-wheeled bike, there are plenty of three-wheeled designs, ensuring everyone can participate in the eco-friendly trend.

Additionally, unlike cars, your ebike’s battery can be removed and taken inside to charge with a normal plug. Most electric cars require installing a special plug or the use of long and unsightly extension cords. Ebikes are just more approachable.

Are you interested in finding a new way to commute, and do you want to help the environment and the world? An electric bike is a fantastic way to transition into electric transportation. If you are interested in purchasing or trying an ebike, head over to your local bike shop and take a test drive.


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