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5 Standard Bikes for Adults Over 60

Investing in a new bicycle is one of the best things you can do for your physical, mental, and social health. This is especially true for those in their 60s, 70s, and 80s who want to stay active and be outside more. But before you haphazardly pick a pretty-looking or advanced-featured bike to add to your life, it is important to pause and consider whether or not this bike is truly right for you.

There are so many excellent bicycles and bicycle brands out on the market today -- which is a good thing! However, part of the reason there is such a selection is because bicycles can be very specialized. You can find bikes that are ideal for long-distance routes, bikes that are best for city riding, and bikes that are hip and pretty but hard on the knees. There are thus bikes that work best for people who are young and there are bikes those of us who are older are more apt to appreciate.

The Basics of What Makes a Good Retirement Era Bike

There are many different features that make for a good senior bike, but when narrowing down the top five standard bikes for adults over 60, there are two primary things that we have considered for this list:

  1. Comfort. If a bicycle isn't comfortable to ride, then you're not going to ride it and that whole investment was a waste. Plain and simple. Selecting for comfort gets increasingly more important, however, the older we get as knees, hips, and other parts of our body get more sensitive.
  2. Convenience. This quality is a bit harder to define as it will mean different things to different people. The essence here is having a bike this is easy to hop on and ride to wherever you want to go. For some seniors, this may mean a trike that doesn't have to be propped up and that will always be stable. While for others, a convenient bike is an electric bike where constant pedaling isn't a thing.

The following top five standard bikes available right now for adults over 60 will look both at how they meet the above two quality standards, as well as other features that make them a good buy.

Top 5 Standard Bikes for Adults Over 60

1. sixthreezero EVRYjourney

The mission of sixthreezero is to create comfortable bikes the general public will fall in love with, and the EVRYjourney bike is the flagship bike in terms of fulfilling this mission.

This standard bike has a hybrid-cruiser frame that is stylish as well as comfortable. The frame for this bike features an angled seat tube that puts the pedals about three inches in front of the cyclist's hips. The more forward orientation of your hips here with the knees out makes for an easier, more comfortable feel on the hips and the knees.

The more forward position of the pedals also has the ancillary benefit of riders being able to keep the seat lower than it might otherwise be recommended. The standard rule for optimum bicycle riding position is that at the furthest point of the pedal, you want your leg nearly fully extended with just a slight bend at the knee. This prevents excessive, repeated pressure on the knees. However, most bikes have the pedals more directly beneath the bike seat, which thereby requires the rider to pump the seat so high up it can be challenging to get on and off the bike. You thus have to trade one comfort (your knees pedaling at the right angle) for another comfort (sitting at a height that's easy to get on and off). With the EVRYjourney bike, you get both!

Other great aspects of the EVRYjourney standard bike by sixthreezero include:

  • Deluxe foam padded grips and saddle for superior comfort at your pressure points
  • Laidback cruiser bars for a more comfortable riding position
  • Matching front and rear fenders to prevent water and mud backsplash
  • Durable rear bike rack for the easy attachment of panniers or similar luggage-aiding bike gear

Want an even more convenient bike to ride? Consider the EVRYjourney 500W. This is the same bike but with an electric hub on the rear wheel that enables what is called electric-assist biking. With electric-assist biking, the motor will do much of the work for you, so that you can go further, faster with every peddle stroke. Learn more about electric bikes here.

2. Schwinn Huron

If you love the classic look of beach cruisers, then one standard bicycle that you are apt to appreciate is the Schwinn Huron. The Schwinn Huron is a standard bike that is built as a fusion between a beach cruiser and a hybrid bike. Adults over the age of 60 will appreciate this bicycle for its simplicity of form. It comes with an iconic laid-back cruiser frame, but with thinner tires that offer a nice combination of grip and speed on the road. This is a bike cyclists will feel comfortable taking on sand, gravel, pavement, and dirt.

The Schwinn Huron also comes standard with an extra-wide seat which boasts plenty of cushioning as well as its own springs to help absorb the regular bumps and divots one will encounter on paths that aren't smoothly paved asphalt. This seat is nicely paired with sweeping, ergonomic handlebars that make it easy for riders to turn and otherwise steer without having to lean down or feel as though their arms are overly extended.

As with the sixthreezero EVRYjourney, this standard bike is compatible with an electric hub. Only you will have to buy the electric hub kit separately from the bike, and, for best effects, have it installed by your local bike mechanic.

Finally, the Schwinn Huron makes for a good choice for those wanting to stick to a very low budget as it is the most inexpensive bike on our list. Just be forewarned that this is due to it being of such a simple design. The Schwinn Huron does not come with hand brakes (it comes outfitted with an intuitive peddle-backward rear coaster brake), gears, or a rear rack. Think of it as only the basic type of bike, a good choice for some but not all.

3. Royce Union RMY

You might say that the Royce Union RMY would be the opposite end of the spectrum of standard bikes from the Schwinn Huron. This bike has hand brakes, gear options, and several other amenities that make it a good pick for adults over the age of 60 looking for more features in their next bike.

The best version of the Royce Union RMY is the one with the three-speed option. This gives you the choice of three low-middle-high gears to choose from when zipping about town and country. The Shimano derailleur installed to shift between those gears is of good quality, well-known for its long lifespan and high durability.

Another quality aspect of this standard bike is that it includes a rear carrying rack atop which you can fix a basket or use the side rails to attach panniers. The Royce Union RMY also comes equipped with ergonomic handlebars and a comfortable seat.

One thing to note is that if you buy this bike online, there is a good chance you will see it advertised as easy to assemble. This isn't quite true. If you have ever assembled a bicycle, then yes, putting this bike together can feel easy. However, we recommend for the vast majority of buyers of this bike (and any other ordered bike) assembled at their local bike shop. A trained mechanic will ensure that you've received all the parts necessary, they have all arrived in the best condition, and they are all installed correctly; fine-tuned where necessary. This is the best way to ensure you have the best results and experience when taking your bike out for that very first ride and every ride after.

4. Retrospec Beaumont 7-Speed Urban City Commuter

This standard bike goes one step further than the Royce Union RMY to offer 7 different speeds. The bike utilizes a precision RevoShhift grip shifter that is neatly fitted into the handle grips for easy and effortless transitions through the bike's seven gears. If you have been looking for more gear options, maybe you live in a hilly area or alternate between biking on dirt paths and pavement, then you will appreciate the smooth and seamless shifting on this bike.

The Retrospec Beaumont 7-Speed Urban City Commuter features a tensile steel frame that is light enough to be easy to carry but strong enough to take a few bangs. If your concern with owning a bike is it getting tossed around, such as in a small garage or if you're planning on taking it RVing, then this is a good choice for you.

For women over the age of 60, the Retrospec Beaumont 7-Speed Urban City Commuter does come in a lady's frame with a step-through design. The step-through design was originally created to make biking in dresses easy and more modest as you weren't forced to hike your leg well over a high top tube (the bar that runs from seat post to the front tube of the bike). But you don't have to be wearing a dress to appreciate the ease of a step-through bike design. With this bike, climbing on and off is easy and makes biking a bit more stress-free and easy on those hips.

Note, the EVRYjourney by sixthreezero also comes available in a step-through frame.

5. sixthreezero Around the Block

The Around the Block is a sixthreezero model that is very similar to the EVRYjourney at first glance but has some key design differences. The key part here is that instead of having the pedals placed at a more forward location, the Around the Block is set up with the pedals straight down in line with the seat tube. This position puts pedal strokes beneath the rider's hips. Such a can make it more uncomfortable for riders, especially in comparison with the EVRYjourney bike model, but such a design does have a key mechanical advantage. Here, actually pressing the pedals down becomes easier due to the body's full weight being directly over the lever. This thus makes certain maneuvering, like going up hills and across uneven terrain, easier.

The second big difference in the Around the Block when compared to the EVRYjourney is that it comes standard with tires that are a bit wider and with a bit more tread. These tires make it easier for the bike to absorb bumps, dips, potholes, and other imperfections in the road or ground. In contrast, the EVRYjourney comes standard with more road-esque tires that will propel you nicely over paved surfaces. Remember though that you can always swap out tires on either bike to better obtain the ideal type of riding experience you're looking for.

Other attributes between these two bikes are largely the same. They have the same wonderful swept-back handlebars, ergonomic grips, rear rack, and a cushioned seat. Thus, when adults over the age of 60 are shopping for bikes on sixthreezero, the choice between these two will be whether you want comfort first (EVRYjourney) or if you want that mechanical advantage for better convenience in the form of easier hill climbing and going about over uneven terrain (Around the Block).

Learn More About Sixthreezero and Browse Our Online Inventory

Our EVRYjourney bike is certainly the best mix of price, features, and build, making it an ideal choice for those adults over the age of 60 who want a reliable, comfortable, and enjoyable bicycle to add to their home. But it certainly isn't the only bike that meets these standards. Visit our store today at to browse all of our available bikes. Should one pique your interest, give us a call to learn more, and make sure to ask about our 365-day test ride that gives you a full year to really see just how well our bikes will fit your lifestyle!


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