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5 Reasons To Bike Instead Of Drive In The South Bay

If you live in the Los Angeles area, you can probably think of one major reason to bike the area, including the South Bay, instead of drive. For those of you who aren’t local to L.A., think about what it would be like to sit in your car for 45 minutes to move 4 miles. Congestion on Southern California highways and roads is a major source of fuel and money waste, pollution, and stress. So, to avoid all that, simply hop on your bike.

Here are 5 reasons why you should bike the South Bay in particular instead of drive:

  1. Traffic Stinks

Not only is the 405 freeway running through the South Bay a major traffic headache, the main streets traversing the beach towns are often a mess of cars. Thinking about how easy it is to navigate South Bay streets and the ideally flat topography of the area, biking makes complete and enjoyable sense. Commuters and visitors traveling through the coastal areas of the South Bay can quickly get north or south on well-maintained bike paths and trails too. Any reason to get out of the madness that exists on the 405, Sepulveda Boulevard or Pacific Coast Highway should be embraced.

  1. You Can Enjoy the Perfect Beach Weather

The weather in the South Bay is perfect nearly year-round. So, take any opportunity you can to get outside and enjoy it. During winter chill in L.A. (is that even a thing?), you’ll find the beach areas to be most pleasant. When the weather warms up during summer and the greater Los Angeles area is scorching, it’s usually quite mild in the South Bay. For an easy, breezy ride almost anytime, head to the South Bay and enjoy lunch, hit a bar, go shopping, see a movie and just have fun sans car and cares.

  1. It’s an Excuse for a Mini Vacation

The South Bay is filled with tons of great places to shop, eat, view wildlife, enjoy nature, take pictures, meet people and learn about the culture of the local community. Residents of the South Bay may be so used to their area that they don’t think about adventuring through it. Spend a day or a weekend biking the South Bay instead of driving from place to place and make it a point to discover (or discover again) beautiful scenery in Palos Verdes, the iconic Redondo Beach Pier, Seaside Lagoon, the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, The Strand, and more.

  1. Who Wouldn’t Want to Bike Along the Beach?

The South Bay Bicycle Trail runs along one of the most thrilling and scenic parts of the Southern California Coast, and it’s an ideal way to explore and enjoy the area. This ultimate beach path is widely considered one of the best bike trails in the South Bay and So Cal. It’s a 22-mile long paved path that stretches from Will Rogers State Beach all the way to Torrance County Beach. On this trail, which is 14 feet wide almost the entire way, you’ll ride on smooth concrete or asphalt and pass by cafes, shops, sunbathers and many interesting sights. While our trail bicycles are perfect for this journey, you can have a completely enchanting time at the beach riding one of our cruisers along this path too.

  1. Sixthreezeros’ Custom Cruiser Bikes

Many Southern California cyclists find that the best reason to bike in the South Bay instead of drive is to get out and experience one of sixthreezero’s custom cruiser bicycles. Our bikes are cool and comfortable. They’re swift and smooth. The bikes we offer, including our men’s trail bikes and women’s bicycles for sale, are the quintessential Los Angeles beach vibe. What better way to feel the unique energy of the South Bay than on one of our rides?

Check out our selection and feel free to contact us to learn about the best bike trails for men and women in the South Bay and in the greater Los Angeles area.

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