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5 Reasons Every Adventurer Should Own a Fat Tire Bike

Updated On: July 18, 2022

While one quality bike at your disposal is excellent, having multiple bikes with different capabilities is even better. After a nice road or touring bike, a fat tire bike makes sense as your second option. If you like getting outdoors and engaging in some fun exercise, a fat tire bike could fit into your lifestyle for a multitude of reasons:

  1. It enables you to keep up with your most adventurous friends
  2. It can tackle tough terrain
  3. A fat tire bike lets you get out even in questionable weather
  4. It provides an opportunity to enhance your riding skills
  5. It can go just about anywhere a trail or path exists

One model to consider is the EVRYJourneyFATTIRE which has four-inch-wide tires to take you over nearly any type of terrain. It is one of our most versatile options at Sixthreezero as it expands your ability for adventure.

What Is a Fat Tire Bike?

As the name implies, this type of bike is noted for its wide tires. They are so wide that most people do a double-take the first time they encounter one. Bigger tires mean bigger adventures and you can go places you might have thought impossible. Originally designed to help people bike on snow and ice, this type of bicycle now is used for adventurous forms of recreation, from riding long dirt trails to exploring unpaved roads and two tracks that go off the beaten track.

You can even get an electric version. The EVRYJourney FATTIRE 500W comes equipped with a strong motor that helps you reach speeds of 28mph. Models are available for both men and women and they provide a comfortable ride while delivering impressive performance. 

Bring Out the Adventurer in You

A well-equipped garage might have a kayak or two, some camping equipment and accessories and other things that help you get outdoors. If you love biking, one bike model is probably not enough, which is why you see many people with two or even three bikes. Fat tire bikes can take you places other bikes cannot. With the right bike, you will soon be having adventures that didn't seem possible before.

Everyday Use

A good fat tire bike, though, isn't only for extreme adventures, but they are perfectly adaptable to everyday rides. You probably won't go as far and as fast on a bike with big tires, but you can still go to your favorite destinations in comfort. You may soon look to your new bike as your first choice when riding.

Ability To Ride Various Terrains

On bikes with skinny tires, you have to avoid sand and gravel, which could limit where and when you ride. A solid bike such as the InTheBarrel FATTIRE has the toughness to power through just about any terrain, whether you are climbing sand or riding downhill over leaves and roots. 

Comfort is Key, Easy To Ride

Even if you are searching for adventure on every ride, you still probably value comfort and convenience. Quality bikes by Sixthreezero give you the best of all worlds, with bikes with fat tires that handle challenging topography while providing ergonomic comfort that reduces sore muscles.  

Is It Worth Getting a Fat Tire Bike?

For most active adults looking to get the most out of life, a fat tire bike will offer new opportunities to get out and explore the world. Of course, you will need to look at such things as your budget and your interests. The right bike, though, allows you to ride on trails that have surfaces that include dirt, mud, sand and even snow. At Sixthreezero you can find a fat tire bike that works for all areas of your life. 


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