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5 Electric Bikes for Adults Over 60

Electric bikes (e-bikes) have quickly established themselves as one of the most low-impact and senior-friendly means of exercise. They've also been shown to help senior riders retain cognitive and mental health — according to a 2019 report published by the University of Reading, the mild support from an e-bike may inspire confidence and enhance self-esteem in older persons who may feel constrained by mobility concerns.

While the motor helps take the edge off challenging aspects of bike riding, such as hills, the bike still demands enough physical effort to provide good exercise. The question isn’t whether seniors over the age of 60 should exercise or if electric bikes are a good option, but what bikes are the best on the market?

Why an Electric Bike?

Electric bikes have a longer range and are easier to use, allowing riders to travel without worrying about getting back to their starting point. They can also transport more cargo, are good for errands, and allow for longer journeys. And they make riding more accessible to senior cyclists and people with impairments.

Battery-powered "pedal-assist" is available on e-bikes. This mechanism is built inside the bike and helps you cycle faster and with less effort. It can help lessen the strain and impact on your knees and thighs.

Despite the motor's assistance, scientific studies have shown that e-bikes give a high-quality, low-impact workout with extremely significant health advantages. According to some research, e-biking may encourage people to exercise more frequently due to the decreased perceived exertion and increased enjoyment.

What Makes an E-Bike the Best on the Market suitable riders who want to travel on two wheels but like to put less strain on their bodies, providing wit

Like all bikes, there are key characteristics you want from electric bikes – things that make them stand out as the best of the best. Consider some things we looked for when picking the best electric bikes for seniors.


Older riders frequently prioritize comfort and how steady they feel on the bike. Bikes that make this list should be supportive and instill confidence in turns and over various terrain.

Quality Features

We examine each bike's spec sheet to ensure that manufacturers make solid component selections; a good bike is much more than its frame.

Value for the Money

What exactly do you receive for your money? Is the quality of the components above average, and is the craftsmanship on par? We also consider intangible factors such as excellent customer support, brand reputation, and the availability of good in-person servicing and items bolted to the bike.

What Power Does it Offer and How Far Will It Go

Two key features set an electric bike apart from a more traditional ride: the motor and the battery. These are critical considerations when buying an electric bike.

The size of the motor is one of the most perplexing decisions that buyers must make when purchasing an e-bike. Most folks do not require the most powerful engine. A 500-watt motor will provide you with a little quicker speed.

The higher voltage motor (500-watt) will allow you to travel further on your battery than the lower voltage motor (250-watt). The larger engine maybe your best option if you intend to ride long distances.

Bike Weight

Electric bikes are heavier than standard bicycles, making sense when you remember they have a motor and battery attached to the frame. Bike weight is vital because a heavy bike is more difficult to move and ride, especially with e-bikes, where the engine and battery contribute to the frame's weight.

In order to carry the engine and battery, manufacturers increase the frame of the e-bike, making it heavier. An e-bike can weigh up to 20 pounds more than a standard bicycle.

Riding Style

We also took the riding position into account when choosing the best bikes for seniors over 60. Often bikes have the rider hunched over the handlebars – which is not the best look for seniors.

How you sit when you ride is a critical choice. Leaning over the handlebars puts more stress on joints. Since older individuals typically deal with arthritis at some level, an upright position is the best option for seniors.

Frame Style

Seniors also benefit from a step-through frame style. The term "step-through" refers to the bike's frame design. The rider must lift their leg while mounting a regular bike, often called a step-over bike, which might be difficult for elders.

On the other hand, a step-through bike allows you to step your leg through the frame, making it safer and easier to get on and off. The step-through bike was created with women in mind. They were designed in the 1800s for ladies who would have struggled to get on a traditional cycle while wearing the voluminous skirts of the day.

The design of a step-through bike allows the user to get on and off the bike much more safely and effectively. This is especially crucial for the elderly and people who have limited mobility.

Five Electric Bikes That are Right for Seniors Over 60

Once you decide an electric bike is a suitable option for you or someone you love, the next step is to find the right brand and model. We have some electric bikes we think you should put on your list.

3. VoltBike’s Elegant Electric Bike

The VoltBike Elegant makes the list for seniors because of the incorporated Bafang 500 watt geared hub motor, which can achieve 20 miles per hour and is built to thrive on steep inclines and city streets. The lithium-ion battery, which can go over 40 miles on a single charge, and the lightweight form size, make it simpler for seniors.

The Velo Plush seat and seat post are adjustable and contribute to this bike's appeal, as do the Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.

Key features include:

  • Rear rack
  • Backlit color display
  • Tektro Auriga hydraulic front and rear brakes
  • Easy to use controls

This bike is also lightweight compared to other electric bikes.

4. Blix’s Sol Eclipse

While the Blix Sol Eclipse e-bike is visually appealing, the major lure is the ability to remain securely seated — even on slopes. The Blix Sol Eclipse's 750W engine can take over and do the job for you. This e-bike aloes offers a 7-speed Shimano Tourney transmission provides an excellent pedaling power and experience.

Key features include:

  • More power with a 750W hub-motor
  • Thick 2.4-inch tires
  • Front LED light operated from the bike’s battery
  • Up to 45 miles per charge
  • Digital display with USB charge
  • Disc brakes
  • 56 lbs

This is a practical option for the senior who wants a long ride on one charge. With a larger motor and battery, it will likely go further than most electric bikes.

5. Evelo’s Galaxy 500

The Galaxy 500 has 24-inch wheels, a low step-through construction, and is designed for riders standing between 4-foot-10-inches and 5-foot-10-inches tall, making it one of the smaller e-bikes on the market. Because it is a beach cruiser e-bike, it has an upright riding position and is designed for relaxing riding.

It is powered by a 36V, 13Ah (468Wh) battery installed on a rack above the back tire and is designed around a 500W mid-drive motor. It also has the innovative Enviolo AutomatIQ shifting technology, which changes gears while you ride, removing some of the uncertainty from cycling.

Key features include:

  • The Enviolo Automatic transmission technology eliminates the need for guesswork while shifting. As you ride, the bike will shift for you.
  • Low-step frame is simple to put on and take off.
  • Small frame size
  • Advanced battery management software
  • 20 miles per hour
  • From 30 to 50 miles per ride
  • Multi-color display

One downside to this choice is pricing. It is more than twice the cost of other bikes on the list but it has more advanced technology.

Still, wondering what electric bike is the best option? Check out Sixthreezero today to learn more about electric bikes for seniors.


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