5 Bike Baskets For Every Style

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June 01, 2018
5 Bike Baskets For Every Style

Riding to the beach, heading to the farmers market and commuting to work is easier when you have a bike basket to carry your essentials in. We offer a fun range of baskets that are perfect for toting beach towels, lunches, flowers, produce, a spare pair of shoes and more.

Get where you’re going with all your gear in tow by outfitting your bike with a basket. Here are 5 great options for a cruiser bike with basket or any kind of bike, really. No matter your style, you’re sure to find a basket for your bicycle.

  1. SunLite Lift-Off Mesh Bottom Wire Basket

Our SunLite Lift-Off Mesh Bottom Wire Basket is a modern basket that quickly and easily removes from your bike. It’s ideal for transporting your belongings wherever you need to go. Available in a nice selection of colors from muted to bold, this basket is a handlebar-hang beauty made with a protective powder coated finish.

  1. Nantucket Cisco Collection Front Wicker Basket

The Nantucket Cisco Collection Front Wicker Basket for adults is a classic wicker basket made with high-quality natural-looking rattan. Its woven fibers are strong and they offer a traditional aesthetic. This basket is a bestseller year after year. It’s able to hold up to the demands of a daily ride and it attaches to a bike’s front handlebars with 2 leather straps.

  1. Nantucket Cisco Collection Rear Wicker Basket

A top choice for a women’s bike with basket is a sixthreezero ladies’ bicycle equipped with the Nantucket Cisco Collection Rear Wicker Basket. If you don’t want to have bulk in front of your bike, go with this basket that attaches to the back to keep your personal items stashed out of the way. Choose this basket to give your bicycle the ultimate coastal look.

  1. Nantucket Full & Buoy Collection Front Wicker Baskets

Kids can have their own baskets too! Our Nantucket Full & Buoy Collection Front Wicker Baskets are child size and come in fun colors. Give a bike a playful look with this basket that serves its purpose well. It’s roomy and strong, offering little riders a perfect place for their essentials like sand toys, dolls, and lunchboxes.

  1. Velotrack Pak Phone Holder

While not technically a basket, our Velotrac Pack Phone Holder does most of what a basket does while offering an un-basket look for those who want storage space in a more understated way. The Velotrack Pack Phone Holder is a cool attachable pack that holds a phone, keys, wallet and even a few more necessities.

Think about how easy riding a beach cruiser bike with basket could be, in particular, one of our women’s cruiser bikes with basket. It’ll make a totally noticeable difference in your ride. Our beach bikes baskets are one of our most useful and purchased accessories.

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