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5 Bike Accessories To Get Your Bike Ready For Summer

Summer is nearly here! It’s time to dust off your bike, give it a good once-over for safety and then outfit it with some great summer-friendly accessories. Whether you’ll be riding around the beach, park or city this summer, your journey will be more fun when you’re ready for anything.

These 5 bike accessories are essentials for summer and will help you prepare for the best summertime rides:

  1. Bike Basket

Cruise the coast, meander through trails and explore your neighborhood with a basket attached to your bike so you can carry necessities on your way to or from your destination. Bring a picnic lunch or a pair of spare clothes in your bike basket or carry flowers or groceries. With a basket affixed to your bike, you’ll be prepared for summer days and nights. When you choose our Nantucket Cisco Collection Front Wicker Basket, you’ll look and feel great hauling your goods, too.

  1. Bike Speaker Mount

Summer is meant for leisurely listening to music and cranking it up loud so you can hear it well. Enjoy your favorite summer beats and tunes while you ride by placing battery-powered Bluetooth speakers to a bike speaker mount. Our Boombotix REX is an ultra-portable wireless speaker with bike mount that lets you experience revolutionary acoustics during your trek to anywhere. It connects to your phone while you keep your mobile device safely stored in your backpack or bag. SImilarly, check out our Sonika Bluetooth speaker by Clean Motion.

  1. Bike Phone Mount

Stay connected while riding on summer adventures by making sure your bike has a secure cell phone holder. The best bike phone mount is easy to use, meaning it’s tool-free and rotates to accommodate vertical or landscape viewing. We offer a smart HandleBand phone holder that features a universal fit for every smartphone with or without a case. Also, see the Niteize Smart HandleBand Phone Holder or the Clean Motion Rotation Cell Phone Holder.

  1. Beach Cruiser Rear Rack

A beach cruiser rear rack is an affordable add-on to your bike and it allows you to get greater functionality from your bike. When you want to head out on a long day trip or even a weekend excursion, a beach cruiser rear rack can store your luggage, food and more. Our SunLite Gold Tech Lite Rear Rack with Struts is one of our most popular bike accessories for sale during the summer. You may also want to look at our rear rack accessories, such as the MonkeyFInger Bungee Cord, Sunlite Bungee Cargo Net, and Racktime Heda Bags.

  1. Bike Storage Pack

If you’re just going for a short summertime cruise, you may just need a small pack to store some snacks and sunblock, or your keys and wallet. A bike storage pack can be just the accessory you need for a trip to lunch, a ride to a hiking path or a jaunt to your favorite bar. Check out the Sunlite Handlebar Bag and the Topeak Handlebar Bag.

Still need a bike to go with these top summer bike accessories? Consider a custom cruiser bicycle from sixthreezero. You can create exactly the bike you want to be your main set of wheels this summer.

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