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5 Best Tricycles for Seniors Over 60

When you are an adult over 60 and mobility is an issue, opt for the best electric trike on the market. Get up and go where you want to go and see what you want to see with one of these e-tricycles. The market is hot for electric bicycles, and the tricycle sector of three-wheelers is right on the money.

Touring the PNW state parks this year, I have seen many electric bikes among the senior crowd. That being said, I hope to see more e-trikes among adults over 60. There are many reasons why electric trikes are well made for seniors over 60–along with several models of e-trikes that are perfect for the season.

Addmotor Grandtan M-340 Etrike

If you are seeking more power and range on a ride, consider the Addmotor Grandtan M-340 Etrike. Here you have an electric tricycle that is made for shopping and sightseeing. For those active seniors over 60, this e-trike will take you places. In terms of the pedal-assisted electrically powered tricycles, the Grandtan M-340 goes up to 26 miles per hour. Set sail and see the world on the seat of the Addmotor Grandtan M-340 Etrike. You get a maximum range of 55 miles on this version of the Addmotor’s e-bike.

I also want to point out that if you are a grandparent, you might find the name Grandtan even more fitting. The Grandtan M-340 is not in tan, by the way, but rather a solid, muted black design. You can also move up to the fat tire version of this M-340 e-trike. Meanwhile, take the M-340 electric tricycle to the sunny shores of any beachside town and get moving.

Maxfoot MF-30 Electric Trike

The Maxfoot MF-30 Electric Trike is all about performance. This is a 750 watt electric three-wheeler that comes in four color options–Neptune Blue, Pearl White, Black, and Dark Green. The electric bike features a front metal basket along with a waterproof rear basket bag that is perfect for carrying cargo. Made to provide a viable method of transportation, adults over 60 will be able to go to most places with this bike.

The maximum weight capacity is 350 pounds, and it features a step-thru frame to enable riders to more easily get on and off of the saddle. Stay active and mobile well into your senior years with an electric trike by Maxfoot. The MF-30 will go for up to 65 miles on a Panasonic lithium battery. The 750-watt high-torque motor takes riders up hills and over terrain that would be inaccessible to them otherwise. 

Emojo Caddy Pro

Next, I present the Emojo Caddy Pro, which is an electric trike sold in Apple Red, White, and Anthracite Gray. Features like an LCD display, front suspension, 300 pound carrying capacity, and a 30-mile range sell the Caddy Pro to adults over 60. Have the high-tech features you expect in an electric tricycle, as well as the range and hauling capacity you need. Note this is a less powerful e-trike for comparison that has a 500 watt motor and 48 volt lithium battery.

Yet, for seniors who are less interested in performance and power, the Emojo Caddy Pro is a top pick. The e-trike has four-inch-wide tires known as fat tires, which come exclusively on this model. Hydraulic disc brakes and rear brake lights also improve visibility and safety when riding this electric tricycle. A built-in headlamp also helps riders stay seen, even after dark. For seniors who want less power and more safety on an e-trike, the Emojo Caddy Pro is the way to roll.

SoverSky T7.0 Golf

Now, if you are someone who plays golf or likes to ride on the back of motorcycles, take a second to prepare yourself for this next e-trike. The SoverSky T7.0 Golf electric scooter has a 2000 watt motor, which far exceeds the power of the competition. After charging this electric trike for four to five hours, you can ride for up to 35 miles. However, it is the visual impression that this trike lends to passersby that will have you turning heads.

Take note that the rear, oversized wheels on the SoverSky T7.0 Golf are much wider than a four-inch fat tire trike. Additionally, these wheels are covered with rounded, muted black fenders. The brand, SoverSky, also makes chopper-style e-bikes. The T7.0 Golf, as a result, resembles a chopper motorcycle more than a tricycle. Therefore, if you are interested in a chopper style, this tricycle rings all the bells.

You can also attach your golf bag to the fully equipped assembly affixed to the rear end of the T7.0 Golf, making this a super star for seniors who play the sport. Forget ever renting a golf cart again!

Razor DXT Drift Trike

If mobility issues are not your concern and you are one of the more active seniors over 60, this is the coolest trike for you. The Razor DXT Drift Trike specializes in active riding with the unique capability of drifting. Fast and Furious fans and those who are into NASCAR will want to add this trike to their growing garage. Keep in mind, this trike is more for fun and play–not for getting to the store and back again.


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