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5 Best Bike Rides On The Los Angeles Coast

Shimmy out of your wetsuit and shower off – the LA coast has more to offer than boogie boarding and surfing! The bike trails in and around Los Angeles have something for bikers of all skill levels. Whether you’re interested in biking in Santa Monica (famous for its pier) or making your way through Manhattan Beach (one of the best beaches for restaurants), there is a lot of paved trail way waiting for you. Here are five of the best places to ride along the LA coast:

  1. Shoreline Pedestrian Bike Path

This quick jaunt is just 3 miles long and goes from the Long Beach Shoreline Marina to Belmont Shore. The path is 17 feet wide, so you can go on a bike ride with the entire family and there is a lot of room for everybody. There are also a lot of places to eat along the way.

  1. Marvin Braude Bike Trail

This is the longest, and most quintessential, LA coastal bike ride. The 22-mile trail (also called The Strand) has one termination point just north of Santa Monica and runs south all the way to Torrance. In between, the paved path goes through areas including Venice, Marina del Rey, Hermosa Beach, and Redondo Beach. If you’re bike riding in Santa Monica and want to keep pedaling, hop on this popular trail and hug the ocean all the way down.

  1. Ballona Creek Bike Path

This path doesn’t begin at the beach, but it delivers you there. Your journey will start in Culver City and take you about 9 miles to Marina del Rey. Before you make it to the coast, you’ll pass through the wetlands where you may spot a wild blue heron if you’re lucky.

  1. Venice Beach Bike Path

No trip to LA is complete without a stop at Venice Beach, where the people watching is top notch and there is a path dedicated just to bikers and rollerbladers. Hop on the bike path here, and you can ride up and down the beach as long as you want – you can also hop on The Strand and see neighboring beaches, too.

  1. Will Rogers State Beach

The Strand starts here, but it’s also a destination on its own. Ride to and from Venice in under an hour, or remain in the area and pedal up and down the beach before heading to Patrick’s Roadhouse, a famously eclectic diner that makes one heck of a sandwich.

Riding up and down the coast in Los Angeles is easy thanks to the many trails in and around the coastal communities. From Torrance cycling to Santa Monica biking, the SoCal coastline offers a lot of ways to get some exercise and avoid freeway traffic while you travel. Check out our sixthreezero EVRYjourney Mens 26" 3 speed or sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's 24" Three-Speed Step-Through Touring to get started.

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