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4 Best Electric Bikes for Moms with Kids

As someone with a couple of teenagers, I have lived through the years of teaching them how to ride a bicycle all the way to scooter days and their dreams of owning an e-bike. Tricycles have also been a thing in our family–everyone loves the three wheelers for some reason! Yet pricing remains an issue, which is why I prefer to stick with one brand. I find it is easier and less time-consuming for us to all have the same brand of bike. 

Fortunately, we found sixthreezero, which offers both men's and women's e-bikes in a wide range of designs and color schemes. This way, everyone has a bike they love from the same company. No one feels like someone got the “better deal” or a bike with a more popular brand logo. Saves us a lot of hurt feelings, which is super important at this age. Now, let’s get along with it, with the top four best electric bikes for moms and kids.

What Moms With Kids Need on E-Bikes

Let’s be clear. Just because you are a mom trying to ride a bike with children does not mean you can’t look sexy doing it. That’s not always the point, but who wants to ride an electric bike when feeling insecure? Stay in style and keep up the pace with these features that every mom wants in an e-bike for kids riding in tow.

The biggest feature that any mom is shopping for with an e-bike is seating. When you have kids, they need a safe place to sit, and you want the seating arrangement to look natural. Other features that are must-haves for most moms at any age with children of all sizes include:

  • Towing power to hoist wagons filled with tots, toys, and pets
  • Range for traveling longer distances between charging
  • Baskets pre-attached to save time by installing aftermarket accessories
  • Stability to manage the extra bodies on the e-bike
  • A fashionable and stylish body

As long as the bikes have these features, you are good to go. Now, let’s get started with the show! Here are four of the best electric bikes for moms with kids. Whether you are shopping for the summer beach combing season, or you need some new electric bikes for the family, you can find the top picks by sixthreezero.


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