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3 Ways Riding an Electric Bike May Help Maintain Your Health

March 2, 2022

An electric bike with a motor can be propelled by pedal power or draw on a charged battery to provide a little help in pedal assist mode or run on full electric power. These bikes make it possible to get all of the benefits of moderate exercise and encourage riders to push their limits in terms of intensity and range, which can support heart health, immune system function and an overall sense of wellbeing. Here are three ways in which riding an e-bike can contribute towards a healthy lifestyle.

E-Bikes Provide Moderate Exercise

It is easy to dial in your desired level of intensity of exercise when you are riding an e-bike. Propel yourself by your own exertion without engaging the battery, or rely on pedal assistance or full power to help you cover more distance and recover in the saddle. 

When you compare e bikes for sale, you can narrow down your options to the best bike for fitness by considering the distances and types of terrain on which you plan to ride. You can choose a hybrid e-bike designed to handle trails or a beach cruiser, comfort or commuter bike model that is better suited for flat or paved surfaces. 

Many e-bikes are seven speed models equipped with either 250 watt hour or 500W batteries and electric motors. You can ride further and ride faster on an e-bike that has a 500W battery than a 250W model. If you plan to rely primarily on pedal power, either model can be a great addition to your active lifestyle.

Improved Cardiovascular & Heart Health

Cycling is an aerobic activity that is particularly effective for preventing heart disease. This low-impact activity causes less strain and stress-related injuries than many other forms of exercise and is ideal for strength and stamina. You can wear an activity monitor to track your heart rate while you ride.

The throttle on an e-bike makes it easy to control the intensity of a workout. Pedal at your desired pace or intensity on full pedal power to get all of the health benefits of cycling. You can ride further without worrying about holding up for the return trip or your recovery when you know you can rely on a charged battery to provide pedal assistance or full electric power. 

Most cycling trainers recommend starting with moderate intensity workouts. If you want to increase the intensity of your rides, seek out routes with more hills and use the seven speeds available on many Sixthreezero e-bike models when pedaling or switch to pedal assist or electric power to make elevation changes a breeze once you reach your goals.

Boosted Immune System & Wellbeing

When you ride a bike outside, you combine the benefits of exercise and time spent outdoors. Studies show that both of these factors can lower blood pressure, reduce stress and improve mood. As you consider adult e bikes for sale, you should keep in mind that the money you spend on a bike is an investment in your overall wellbeing that can also shrink your carbon footprint when you ride an e-bike for transportation.

Some customers who ride for exercise are reluctant to select an e-bike because they worry that having a motor could make riding too easy. The limited distance range of e-bike batteries encourages riders to rely on pedal power for longer before switching to pedal assist or full electric mode. These features make electric bikes the best choice for riders who want to get more exercise and be able to fall back on pedal assist or full electric power after meeting their goals.


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