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2023 Review of 5 Electric Bikes 3 Wheelers

The market for electric tricycles has grown tremendously over the last couple of years. More manufacturers are creating innovative trikes with features that make rides more comfortable and longer lasting.

When purchasing an electric trike, you’ll want to consider the model type that works best for your budget and needs. Look at the cost of the electric tricycle, its size, and storage capabilities. Remember to check warranty coverage to confirm your investment stays protected.

To choose the current top models on the electric trike market, you must consider the following factors:


When evaluating electric bikes 3 wheelers, shoppers want to compare motors. For starters, you want to choose a model with a front-wheel motor instead of a rear or mid-drive option. With motors positioned up front, you’ll experience less wear and tear. The position also balances out the weight. In comparison, traditional e-bikes typically have mid-drive motors to increase power. Ideally, you want an electric trike motor to fall in the 500w or higher range.


A good battery is a must when shopping for an electric trike. You want a 3-wheeler electric bike with a range of at least 40 miles per charge. Many trikes have a longer battery life when you use modes like pedal assist. Check the charging times, too, since some trikes may take eight hours or longer to reach full charge.


In most electric 3-wheeler bikes, you will tend to value comfort more than speed. However, you do want a trike that doesn’t feel like it’s very slow-moving. At a minimum, the best models will reach a top speed of 20 mph. Commuters may want a trike that moves even faster. The best trikes will often get close to 30 mph.

Frame and Weight Capacity

Steel-frame electric bikes 3 wheelers have more durability than other types. However, aluminum is the preferred option if you’re looking for a more lightweight trike coupled with durability. Coated frame trikes prevent issues like rusting. Weight capacity will also determine the top models. You could want a bike that supports multiple riders and any cargo you plan to haul while riding. Other options will only carry single riders.

The following are the five best electric bikes 3 wheelers currently available:

3SCORE Mia Electric Folding Tricycle

If you’re looking for a portable single-rider trike, then the 3SCORE Mia Electric Folding Tricycle is ideal. Like the EVRYjourney, the 3SCORE Mia Electric Folding Tricycle has a powerful 750w motor to take you anywhere you want. With the 48v battery on the trike, you can expect to go up to 48 miles between charges. Rely on the electric mode to help manage rough terrain, high winds, or uphill roads.

Get a smooth ride on the 3SCORE Mia Electric Folding Tricycle with the extra-wide 4-inch tires. All three tires on the trike measure 24 inches and work well on varying terrains. Control the trike with standard features such as dual disc brakes and a 7-speed shifter. These controls are coupled with additional features, including an electric horn, extra bright headlights, and turn signals.

Customize your ride to your preference with a fully electric mode or switch to the pedal-assist option. The colorful waterproof display makes it simple to check your controls while riding. Monitor your riding mode, speed, and battery life. An included USB charger gives you the option to plug in your devices while riding.

The 3SCORE Mia Electric Folding Tricycle is one of the fastest electric bikes 3 wheelers. The trike can reach up to 30 mph while riding. Keep all items secure with a spacious cargo area. Cargo loads can measure up to 100 pounds. Rider weight can’t exceed 330 pounds. The manufacturer suggests rider height is between 5’3” and 6’4.”

The 3SCORE Mia Electric Folding Tricycle will work well if you have any storage concerns. Fold the trike for easy storage with the length only measuring 41 inches. The electric trike isn’t difficult to transport. The assembled bike weighs only 99 pounds.

Emojo Caddy Pro

If you’re looking for a trike with superior safety features, choose the Emojo Caddy Pro. The single-rider trike operates using a 500w brushless motor and a 48v lithium battery. Ride on different terrain in electric or assisted pedal mode. During the assisted mode, each charge lasts up to 30 miles. A full charge takes approximately four to six hours to reach.

The Emojo Caddy Pro has a good setup for those new to using electric bikes 3 wheelers. The top speed is slightly reduced from other top models and will reach up to 20 mph. Keep track of your speed and battery charge with the handlebar LCD display.

A highlighted safety feature is the hydraulic brakes. Hydraulic disk brakes are considered superior to cable brake styles. With a small amount of pressure, the brakes operate flawlessly. Automatic braking lights turn on during use. The bike also includes a very bright LED headlight that turns on with a one-button operation. You will also have access to a thumb throttle for electric riding. The electric trike has a 7-speed transmission.

The Emojo Caddy Pro is appropriate for single riders and allows for a top weight of 330 pounds. A bike basket and cargo rack permit you to carry all of your must-haves while on the go. The trike remains lightweight due to the aluminum frame. The total trike weight with the battery is 90 pounds.

Although you can take the Emojo Caddy Pro on trails, the bike works best on paths and city streets. Your ride remains smooth with a robust front suspension. The tires measure 24 inches in the front, while the rear is 20 inches. The differing sizes help maintain excellent stability.

ADDMOTO M-360 Adult Semi-Recumbent Electric Trike

If you’re not new to electric bikes, you could consider a semi-recumbent type of trike. The semi-recumbent riding style can be challenging if you’ve never ridden an electric bike. The best semi-recumbent model is the ADDMOTO M-360 Trike. Although the design is more challenging to control, you can tackle more difficult terrain, including snow-covered trails.

Were you looking for a lot of fun and style in your trike? Then, customize your ADDMOTO M-360 Trike in one of eight eye-catching colors, such as army green, neon purple, cyan, and vibrant orange. The trike has protective front fenders to keep you clean since you’ll ride lower to the ground.

The 48v battery has an extended runtime with each charge able to travel up to an astounding 85 miles at the lowest speed setting. The pedal-assist mode on the trike will determine your total mileage and cruising speed. With seven-speed settings, you can travel as far as 40 miles at the top speed. Charging time can take up to 10 hours to reach total capacity.

The front-mounted motor 750w has the strength to help you get up challenging hills and over rough trails. With the powerful motor, you can accelerate in no time and reach speeds up to 20 miles per hour. Control the trike with a ½ twist throttle. Customize your settings on the 5-inch LCD control panel. The panel includes a USB charging port for easy device connectivity. Check your riding speed, battery power, and lights in one place. The integrated headlights have a standard and extra bright setting. Brake lights turn on automatically whenever the brakes are engaged. A power cut switch shuts the trike off quickly when needed.

Carry your cargo in the convenient basket with a weight capacity of up to 100 pounds. Riders who weigh a max of 350 pounds are supported on the trike. The frame accommodates riders between 5’6” and 6’6.” The ADDMOTO M-360 Trike has a lightweight construction with an aluminum frame and steel fork.

The ADDMOTO M-360 Trike is one of the more expensive electric bikes 3 wheelers, but well worth the cost if you enjoy a recumbent style with enough power to go over the sand, snow, and more.

MEIGI MG1703 Fat Tire Electric Tricycle

The MEIGI MG1703 Fat Tire Trike is an excellent choice for both beginners and expert riders. The trike has a simple, straightforward style with color options that include black or white. To operate, the MEIGI MG1703 Fat Tire Trike has throttle and pedal-assist controls. Full throttle gives you the opportunity to use the tricycle as a fully motorized vehicle. Pedal-assist provides electric power while helping you control the bike with the pedals.

As a 7-speed trike, you can control how much power you need as you ride. Get the extra torque required while pedaling uphill or transporting heavy cargo. The rugged fat tires are a must for getting through thick mud or sandy beaches. The tires included measure 20 inches and have a width of 4 inches.

The MEIGI MG1703 Fat Tire Trike isn’t the lightest trike on the market, but it has a high level of durability. The durability comes from a heavy-duty steel frame. The electric tricycle is great for hauling things, too, with an included cargo rack and basket. The max total load is 330 pounds.

Travel up to 20 mph with the MEIGI MG1703 Fat Tire Trike. Control speed with the variable twist throttle. Keep track of your riding mode, battery power, and speed on the 3-inch display. The driving range for the trike depends on what setting you use. While in pure electric, you’ll travel up to 45 miles before needing a charge. With pedal assist, you’ll get a range of up to 60 miles. The manufacturer includes a fast-charging option that lets the trike fully charge in about four hours.

Get going with the powerful 750w brushless motor inside the MEIGI MG1703 Fat Tire Trike. The front-mounted motor has plenty of power with an 80NM high torque.

LED lights come standard with the electric trike. A 200-lumen headlight will illuminate paths and roads during dark or rainy conditions. Two taillights work with the disc brakes to alert drivers to your position.

Although one of the heavier models at 140 pounds, you’ll still enjoy the features found on the MEIGI MG1703 Fat Tire Trike. The trike is easy to assemble and has simple controls to learn how to ride.


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