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2022 Top Best Comfort Bikes for Women

Over the past few years, desires to help the environment and pandemic-related concerns about mass transit have caused a sort of renaissance for bike riding, especially for women. At the same time, there are many women who would love to ride an electric bike to work or school or even shopping, but still avoid it because all they can think of is how uncomfortable the bike seats might be. And that’s not an invalid concern. Some bike seats feel like straddling granite, and nobody wants that. Often, however, some height adjustments and getting the right bike for your frame and your riding needs will resolve that concern. Here at Sixthreezero, our designers paid extra attention to creating the most comfortable bikes for women who want to do life on two wheels and feel great while doing it.

1. EVRYjourney 500W

The EVRYjourney is an electric touring cruiser bike designed for total ease of travel. It’s specifically built for women who want to ride a bike to commute from place to place, but don’t really want to feel like they’ve been riding a bike once they arrive. In fact, when designing this bike, we were particularly focused on helping women feel comfortable who hadn’t ridden in a long time, or who had felt uncomfortable riding a bike in the past. The whole design process revolved around making the experience nearly effortless.

Bike Design that Reduces Pressure Points

First of all, the EVRYjourney has a 500-watt rear hub drive motor to provide forward momentum. It’s ergonomically constructed to relieve pressure points, make it easy to mount, and reduce fatigue. The rider can remain upright and relaxed, with hips, arms, and back in a neutral, natural position, so that longer rides don’t cause any strain to the joints.

An Easy Bike to Mount

Mounting the EVRYjourney bike is easy and comfortable, even elegant too. The frame has a low swoop that lets the rider simply step through to get going, instead of having to climb up. The adjustable seat makes it easy to just move into place without a lot of fuss. The pedals are placed just forward so that the pedaling is ultra-comfortable, providing just the right amount of leg extension. Everything is adjustable to fit women from five feet tall to six feet, four inches! So, it’s a super comfortable bike for women of all sizes and shapes.

Lower Center of Gravity for Safety and Stability

Because you are sitting lower to the ground than on more conventional bikes, the center of gravity for the EVRYjourney setup is much safer and more stable, so that when you are braking or turning, there’s less danger of flipping or tipping over, even if you need to stop quickly or take a sharp turn. Your feet can easily reach the ground for stopping and steadying.

A Cushioned Ride with Perks

Let’s talk about the seat for a minute. Unlike the hard, uncomfortable bike seats you may have endured in the past, the EVRYjourney has a comfortably cushioned seat that lets you fully relax, whether you’re pedaling hard or letting the bike do the work. The wheels are 26 inches in diameter, and they are two inches wide with just the right amount of traction and roll so that you can glide through your day smoothly and easily. You can also easily attach a bicycle trailer for the littles to tag along in, or add bike bags to carry your groceries, laptop, etc. for a day taking care of business.

You Choose Your Workout, Or Not

Another factor that has prevented more women from choosing bikes over buses or cars in the past has been the “workout factor” of cycling. With the EVRYjourney, however, you can decide whether you want to do the work, or whether you want the bike to do the work. This flexibility is one of the best things about having an electric bike. You basically have three different options to choose from:

  • Traditional pedal power—Use your muscles and pedal, pedal, pedal if what you want is to get some cardio in for the day. If you ride your bike to work, for example, your commute home can double as your workout for the day so you’re not all sweaty when it’s time to give that important presentation.
  • Engage Pedal Assist—If you want to go a little farther than you usually travel, but you worry that you might not have the gusto to pedal the entire distance, you can have the motor help out when you pedal, which extends your personal energy reserves for a longer commute. With this gear, you can travel at about 28 miles per hour.
  • Let the Bike Do It All—Do you want to arrive at work without a single drop of sweat on your face? Just give the throttle a thumb and the bike will do all the work for you. You can focus on the ride and the scenery instead. With fully electric mode, you can travel at around 20 miles per hour.

Just like any battery-powered vehicle, the EVRYjourney bike has a power limit. When using the full-electric mode, the range is about 20 miles before it requires recharging. On pedal assist, it can go for about double that, owing to the fact that you’re also contributing your own energy.

2. Body Ease 500W

The BodyEase 500W has a lot of the same great design features that make the EVRYjourney so comfortable as a daily commute and recreational bike, with some differences. Again, it’s built for stability, low-impact, easy mounting, and adjusting; and you can choose whether you want to do the work, or you want the bike to do the work for you. Some of the differences include:

More Traditional Pedal Position

The BodyEase frame has the pedals positioned right below the seat, which is a more traditional location. This aligns your hips directly with the pedals, the seat tube, and the seat itself. This positioning gives the rider a little more leverage by pushing down and gaining traction, especially when going uphill and going faster. While the EVRYjourney is more geared toward a comfortable commuting experience, the BodyEase is built for women who like to have a little more control, speed, and leverage on their rides.

More Pedal Power for Hills

So, while the BodyEase may be a little less comfortable than the EVRYjourney in its pedal positioning, it is still far more comfortable than similar models because extra attention has been given to balancing the amount of power and control you have over the strength of your pedal by making those pedals easier on your hips, legs, knees and the rest of you. But speaking of comfortable, it’s actually the BodyEase that is more comfortable, by virtue of the different pedal position and the seat styling, to stand up and pedal in. Again, this gives you more power. If you have a lot of hills on your commute, this makes the BodyEase a good, comfortable choice.

Comfort Grip Handlebars

While both the EVRYjourney and BodyEase have comfortable, clean, rubber handlebars that feel great to grip, the BodyEase handlebars are again positioned a little differently for more control for the rider. The BodyEase handlebars are situated a little further to the front to make standing pedaling easier. Again, this will place some more pressure on your arms and shoulders to keep them extended forward. So the trade-off in comfort is really the power differential. You can push down more, controlling the handlebars more, as you do the pedaling. Still comfortable, but again, this gives you tighter control over how you steer.

Cradling Seat Cushion

The BodyEase has a bubble seat that is extremely comfortable. As the seat height is fully adjustable, it doesn’t matter how tall or short you are, you can adjust it to the perfect comfort fit for your tush. It comes with a seat that is just a little narrower than the one on the EVRYjourney, again because riders of the BodyEase may want to stand and pedal harder, which makes a narrower seat more comfortable in more performance-based situations. Still, if you want a wider seat here, it’s interchangeable, so you can get a wider fit if that’s what feels best to you.

Stable, Easy-Roll Tires

The big, wide tires on the BodyEase mean that you get a very stable, easy ride. Both this and the EVRYjourney should be on paved or hard-packed surfaces without really loose gravel. This is simply because the wheels have been designed to be very shock-absorbing to your body so that you don’t get all the jostles of road bumps. So this is a comfort feature on both bikes, making them most suitable for hard-packed and paved surfaces.

Choose Your Exertion Level

Although the BodyEase has been designed for more personal exertion and control, you can still rely on the 500-watt battery that takes you up to 20 miles on full electric juice, or 20 to 40 miles with pedal assist mode. Some models even have a display mounted on the handlebars that shows you how fast you’re going and how much battery you have left! And switching between full battery power or full-body power is effortless with a thumb throttle.

3. A/O Frida 500W

The Frida comes in either totally self-powered or battery-powered models, depending on which you want. In either case, the Frida is well regarded as one of the most comfortable women’s bikes around. It is also a great bike to start out with if you haven’t ridden in a while, or just want something fun to ride.

Optimal Bike Ergonomics

Again, as with the previous designs mentioned, the Frida is built for total ease of motion and comfort while riding. The handlebars, seat, and pedals are positioned so that you can sit straight up in your padded, cushioned seat, pedal easily, and grip the cushioned handlebars without bending over at all. This relieves shoulder, arm, and wrist pressure. Pedaling is comfortable, with full leg extension and no pressure on the knees or hips. This takes all the pressure off of you so that you can take frequent, casual rides through town and off onto hard-packed bike paths.

Safety First

Safety is comfort, as far as we are concerned. Again, this bike is effortless to mount and keeps your center of gravity low so that you are in full control of the bike at all times and can brake quickly without fear of flipping.

Thick, Cushioned Tires

Keeping the tires thick and wide not only improves your control and roll, it provides great shock absorption so that you don’t end up feeling every bump on the road.

The Frida really rhymes with “freedom” when it comes to having an easy bike ride that is both comfortable and uncomplicated. You can enjoy the ride and the scenery without pain.

The Most Comfortable Bikes for Women

Of course, it’s one thing to list the comfort features of each of these bikes, but every woman is different and has different riding expectations, needs, commutes, and preferences. To get the best idea of your riding style and needs for a comfortable women’s bike, take our body fit quiz (on the right panel of the website) and get some personalized recommendations. We also have a lot of great bike advice that you can use to get exactly the bike fit and style that you need.

Make sure to email us if you have any questions at theteam@sixthreezero. We are excited to help you find the most comfortable women’s bike that will take you everywhere you want to go.


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